The ONE THING realistic games get so wrong -

The ONE THING realistic games get so wrong

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  1. it really depends, the human skin has so much plasticity that sometimes ppl get shot and there's no visible blood, I've seen ppl shot only a few drop of blood out the exit wound

  2. I thought you meant the billet going through the body into the wall behind him I wasn’t expected a grand papa jo meme🤣🤣🤣

  3. Can anyone please tell me what game the third clip is from?

  4. Game names please, the only game I know from there is insurgency.

  5. I was like what, the gun? Nah thats there. The blood spray? Nah thats there too. A 9MM BULLET BLOWS THE LUNG OUT OF THE BODY. oh.

  6. i was like "is he looking for a blood puddle?" good one!

  7. Initially thought: "Yeah, I don't see that either… the giraffe, elephant or dog or whatever you expected…"

    "Oh, lung".

  8. Lol you got me. I did not know what I was supposed to be looking for 😂

  9. I thought you were looking for his weapon at first…LMAO

  10. The fact that he shoot at the lungs in four of them

  11. Damn, should’ve been a Rick Roll…

    You would’ve fuckin’ got our asses with that!

  12. Bro my initial confusion and then that drop made my lung blow out of my body

  13. Ahhhhhhh….took me some time…but it klicks 😂😂

  14. This game is trying to be realistic but it’s not a top notch game lol don’t expect everything. Granted there should be blood splatter. Btw the way they drop and they’re legs flap and what not is so fake. They need to shoot ppl w body armor on and have them drop to simulate a real body drop

  15. Till that end I was like what is he searching bruh

  16. At first i was like wat a joke. But the end so wirth it

    9 mm what? AP. fmj, hp?

  18. This is why i play red dead and the last of us atleast they finished there game with realistic combat quicker than this early access garbage

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