The Perfect Gekko Ult Doesn't Exi... -

The Perfect Gekko Ult Doesn’t Exi…

VALORANT – Protatomonster
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The Perfect Gekko Ult Doesn’t Exi… #Fails , #Iron, #funny Plays and Best Voice Chat Moments in a #valorant Montage / Compilation

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  1. The only perfect is God

  2. i also tried it with gekko ult in fracture, the thing is… my teammate stole the last kill for ace 😐

  3. The way they all walking, like they about to start a line dance!!! 😂 😂

  4. Its dificult but if your enemys go in group is more easy

  5. that is probably the dumbest team i have ever seen
    Edit: the enemy team

  6. Its even more impressive that all that got hit got also stunned…

  7. You’ve got some great teammates for letting you get that ace

  8. bro I also have the perfect ulti with gekko but i used Judge and got ace with it

  9. Brimstone hiding away as if he isn't completely doomed.

  10. this has to be staged who in their right mind would full dry push vents

  11. this is better than the guy who got 5 detained and still sprayed and prayed

  12. Finally someone who did a great ult and ended it with a great aim

  13. A gekko did this to my team and it won them the game.(swiftplay i think) Killed one and then 4k hit with the ult. I was the last one killed as well and it was painful.

  14. So gekko ult is getting a radius reduction nerf, thanks.

    And chamber is gonna have 2 bullets on his ult and 3 bullets on headhunter. Definite balance.

  15. Hace unos dia vi uno que atrapo alos 5 y disparo a todos en el pecho y no hizo el ace por querer matar al ultimo a cuchillo

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