The Ultimate Guide to NES Light Guns | Gaming Historian -

The Ultimate Guide to NES Light Guns | Gaming Historian

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What’s the history of light gun games? How does the Zapper work? What other light guns worked on the Nintendo Entertainment System? How many games were compatible? In this video, I try to cover everything. This is the Ultimate Guide to NES Light Guns!

00:00 – Intro
01:17 – A Brief History of Light Guns
11:53 – How Does the Zapper Work?
16:54 – 3rd Party NES Light Guns
28:12 – Light Gun-Required NES Games
43:02 – Light Gun-Optional NES Games
54:25 – Outro / Credits

Special thanks to the Roanoke Pinball Museum for their “Shoot The Bear” footage –

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  1. To The Earth was tough, but it was fun as hell. Don't be salty because you couldn't beat the first level 😂
    Edit: Yeah.. I can see that you simply dislike "difficult" games.

  2. I have the box & everything to the deluxe set, Price tag i still on it $140 it retailed for back then. Also Yep 1988, That was also the last year the Original Megatron the gun, Was available for mail away here in the US. The original megatron was a Gun,why in G2 1993 was a tank for the first time ever. They can still do the gun in Japan they have no laws there. I also have the super soaker 50,100 & 200. I remember I got both 100, & 200 for my birthday each years. Hasbro tried to release the original megatron back in 2004 in different kinds of colors. But still looked real. Metallic blue, Heavy on Orange. Also If it is just the barrel anyone knows they can just paint over it. A simple fix just like that.

  3. I remember that in 1987 or 88 TONS of kids with toy guns one summer got shot by cops. It seemed like it was happening weekly, it was really odd.

  4. You mean you have to use your hands. That’s like a babies toy.

  5. I had a grey one – must have been an early batch. Currently have the orange one but it doesn't matter anyhow because LCD.

  6. 19:24 – LOL Freedom pad. Yup, we're enjoying so much of that right now…

  7. Arguably one of your most comprehensive videos yet. Thank you!

  8. Can you do the story of ultima

  9. Hey will you do the History of Squaresoft/Square Enix?

  10. How about a new video Nintendo's betrayal at Sony

  11. When i was a child i never had a zapper. But somehow we had duck hunt and if a remember it correctly i though it was the worst game ever. At the time i didn't even know a zapper existed.

  12. You really are a fantastic documentarian!

    Pro VS amateur
    Mainstream media VS public video streaming
    Hollywood financed VS self financed
    Big shot director VS Final Cut Pro…
    The list of comparables goes on and on, and you would WIN THEM ALL!
    Im so happy to watch your historian programs over any other docs I’ve seen on the history channel
    (Yours is a topic I do love…That does help!)
    Nevertheless, great work and I hope you continue to create these awesome programs.
    I’m certain I speak for many, many people who say
    ‘Great job, thank you!’

  13. I cheated the light gun by turning up the TV's brightness, and pointing a bright light at the tv screen.

    It allowed me to save the world from terrorists in the game freedom force.

    You're welcome.

  14. I did have a clone of the Bandai shooter and it worked well with Operation Wolf. It has full auto!

  15. "Hmmm. Should we do something about police violence?"
    "No, it's the dead children who are wrong."

  16. Speaking to the Camerica light gun and why the very much "afterthought" orange tip passed muster, it might be like the Concorde in regard to noise pollution laws…which is so few of them were ever in actual service, no one cared enough to actually complain, lol.

  17. Those holsters wouldn't help me much since I'm left-handed.

  18. The 1st 3rd party game you reviewed looks like the master system light phazer.

  19. the very worst ending of any game i've beaten is quite probably an sms game called "shinobi".
    when you beat the final boss you get a screen that says "game over", just as if you'd been killed……

  20. When a new Gaming Historian video comes out….. I'm watching!

  21. "A laser projected reticle appears on the display which is how you aim . . ." "Reticle," so THAT'S what that little targeting crosshatch thing is called. "Reticle," my vocab word of the day, thanks Gaming Historian!

  22. Ask the nerd how he fires his laser scope 😀

  23. Some US americans surely love their guns (and they feel unsafe because criminals and crazy people love guns too and everyone and their dog can easily buy a gun in US, so they buy more guns to defend themselves). Would be nice to know if the US gun crazyness was partly the result of such toys.

  24. You should make nes accessories video just like avgn.

  25. I kept hearing "beam" as "bean" and I have to say, I now really want a Pro Bean now.

  26. did u do a video on the SNES scope if not can u would love to hear what u think of it

  27. Great video! I didn’t even know that all of these third party ones existed!

  28. "When are we going to get to the video games?" Nah dude, I love the history! Keep on rockin'!

  29. When I was a kid, we used to turn up the brightness of the tv to auto hit. It worked well.

  30. I remember that time when i got Trick Shooting solely because of the bunny girl lol

  31. The picture of the kid playing his game with the headset on while his mum uses the phone is kinda ahead of it’s time.

  32. man, i wish I still had a tv i could use with the light gun i have… the ps2 one that is… the one fron the NES my dad used to have never worked, also it was orange.and gray instead of mostly gray.

  33. Norm is a true murican he showed us his gun collection

  34. "…and you have to be at least 6 feet away."

    The receiver is scared it's gonna get Covid

  35. kevin arnold please do a video of NINJA GAIDEN history…. Thank you..

  36. I just wanted to say thank you, you are a big part of why i wanted to become a content creator myself. I have been watching your videos for a long time and every video i find so interesting and well made. – A Fan

  37. SuperAmazingRickSatan972StrikesBackOnceAgain says:

    plz make fortnite video

  38. Thank you so much for your videos. Being born in 1985 they mean a lot to me

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