The Very Moment You Decide To RELOAD In A Shooting GAME -

The Very Moment You Decide To RELOAD In A Shooting GAME

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The Very Moment You Decide To RELOAD In A Shooting GAME

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Romans 8:31

“What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?”


  1. You can always pick up and use the enemies dropped weapon. Unless carrying 2 guns is too hard for you theres always the knife


  3. The players I hate
    The tiktoker: doing 36 and trick moves for no reason just to get clout
    The crackheads: these guy are one who be moving around like they the flash looking like they having a seizure irl
    The hunters: those the asshole who seen you from afar and start gunning after you for the whole game in till they kill you or somebody else kills them
    The try hards: aka the streamer/ nobody’s who think because they worked all day they have the right to be a dick and talk shit and bully you with kills
    Last but not least the random kid: we don’t know if they really are a kid but they do move like one slow as hell no reaction to anything yet they somehow kill you just because you were reloading and they run up to you and shot you

  4. Well, here goes nothi- and there goes the flashbang😔

  5. Imagine owning every cod ever. Then getting a free copy of mw3 sold it instantly. Till they can figure out how to release new content instead of the same trash with a different skin

  6. The guns hitting the floor when you "despawned" was perfect 😂

  7. Yesterday, playing PUBG, my random teammates abandoned me in the farthest point of the map from the zone. They got into a car, and just left.

    So I ran. I ran as much as I could. Not a single vehicle in sight. Looted and used every single bandage and every single painkiller I could find. They never came to pick me up. The blue zone was becoming more and more painful. Only my two teammates and three other players were left. My homies were in the top of a promontory with an excellent visibility and cover.

    Almost half an hour of running later, out of bandages and boosts, I finally found a snow bike. I could finally make it to the zone with it.

    I ran the two of them over. I have never been insulted in so many languages at the same time.

    It felt good.

  8. 100% ACCURATE ! Hilarious YOU EARNED MY SUB

  9. doing the kill after reload with my slow lmg loadout represented very well by this video

  10. I swear that what happens to pubg players 😂😂😂😂😂

  11. I cant relate cuz even if my max mag is 50 and its 49 ill still reload

  12. That's where X-01 Power Armor and a minigun backup help…

  13. The reason why this is SOOOO FUNNY is because it is so relatable
    and SMGS get easy kills but most of the ammo lasts less than like 1 minute

  14. Legend says he’s still trying to reload

  15. people used to call me weird but THIS is why I "tactical" reload at like 50% or so mag. Anytime I got more than 5 seconds of quiet.

  16. It used to be so much simpler back then.

    You die then respawn to get your revenge. The embarrassment and stress lies for being the Winning Kill shot for the enemy team.

  17. Bro holding a Fennec and a QQ9. How'd he combine them??

  18. SBMM is the reason why I stopped playing COD altogether

  19. This is why guns that don’t reload r broken

  20. My feelings about For honor these days. How are you in my head right now cuzzo?

  21. “Im about to get put on somebody’s tik-to…”😂

  22. If you can, just crouch during flash bang =D
    Still an accurate video

  23. A different version of "maybe i AM too old for this…"

  24. Yeah I never got how I can use a flashbang and then sprint to the next zipcode and still flash myself but the person I used it on is unaffected like they got some sunshades on that give them the power to have a staring contest with the sun and win.

  25. The best advice Jimmy neutrons father ever gave him "remember Jimmy, switching to your pistol is faster than reloading"

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