This game is more Realistic than Call of Duty and it's Roblox.. -

This game is more Realistic than Call of Duty and it’s Roblox..

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DYSMO THE ROBLOX YOUTUBER HAS RETURNED! Today we check out the newly updated FRONTLINES on Roblox.. This game truly has blown me away with how realistic it looks considering it’s on the roblox engine.. better than call of duty? Enjoy 🙂

“I played the most Realistic Roblox game..”

*The most Realistic Roblox Game is back..” | Dysmo
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  1. Dysmo.. you are a legend been watching you for years dude. Genuinely one of the nicest and best content creators because you just do you and what is fun to you. I rate it!

  2. I literally quit call of duty at the moment, IW has continued to keep changing things up and not making things better or listening to the community.
    I’m hoping that this upcoming sledgehammer release will redeem the experience for me but all I play now is Battlefield 2042 and it’s rough because I miss COD.
    But I would rather pound sand than play MW2022 .

  3. Dysmo imagine if they make frontline zombies that would be S tier content

  4. Play Sons of the Forest. And I've been playing Elden Ring a lot maybe you'd like it Dysmo.

  5. Why dont you try to play some singleplayer games like eldenring or hogwarts legacy

  6. They gotta drop blackout 2.0 by treyarch. Free to play w crossplay

  7. Than the AIM ASSIST gets add it into the game and ruined everything!!!!!

  8. PLAY SONS OF THE FOREST!!! Love your content, keep it up 🙂

  9. Check out my audio free game play and add me in the wz for dubskis. Walker_Tx_Ranger

  10. Play whatever you want to but I think it could be cool if your play sons of the forest

  11. Dysmo can you check out rolling thunder it's also a roblox game

  12. Am I tripping or is gaming getting so stale at the moment?

  13. Hey Dysmo I absolutely love your content keep up the amazing work!

  14. This game was made by and I mean 3 or 5 people no joke

  15. Cod being shit now has made me and my friends move over to r6 siege which is much more fun

  16. im thinking u should play sons of the forest with jev, would be amazing

  17. I Dont really care whether you do Roblox or COD, I just want you to have fun making vids on your channel. Have a great day!

  18. I like how cod is an adult game yet you cant cuss in the chat💀

  19. If you see this, first of all i love ur content and second bft 2042 is good rn you should try it out

  20. dude if u put me in a vid i will friend u i play roblox too much and i love yo vids

  21. Even this Roblox fps has better movement than MW2 xd

  22. Please play sons of the forest u are the boi

  23. The video game i play is call of duty mobile and fortnite

  24. When i don’t play cod i either play hogwarts legacy or i play project zomboid.

  25. You should play some atomic heart its very fun

  26. The game feels like battlefield game

  27. This looks like I'm watching an OG COD video from 2008

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