This Gunman VR Game Is Hyper Realistic -

This Gunman VR Game Is Hyper Realistic

Walk The Plank
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Today some crazy men stole my daughter. So im going to get her back the only wau i know how…THE PSYCHO WAY…LEGO!!

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Unlike alot of videos i have seen on this game.. I will actually tell you how to get it. It’s a Half Life Alyx mod you can download from the steam workshop. It’s called “Gunman Contracts” 🙂

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This Gunman VR Game Is Hyper Realistic..

#Realistic #VR #Gaming

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  1. Obnoxious video when you click it looking for gameplay.

  2. Dam this game just looks too good, definitely gonna have to buy it soon.
    Quality video.

  3. Always posting golden videos, always make me laugh so much

  4. The is fine, the kid playing is not funny

  5. lmao i geniunly gasped when you shot those prisoners omg…

  6. If I just could like this video again somehow..

  7. What is this? It looks like a half life alyx mod on steam workshop. They should call it "gunman contracts."

  8. This game is so fucking dope like being in a action movie 🎥

  9. “Imma ask you one more question if that’s alright” looks over at the gun pointing at his head 🤣😭🤣 Stumbled across this channel and was a well good laugh!

  10. Is this mf doing an old greg impression or is that just how he sounds?

  11. That shit was so funny 😂💪👍🍻👊🍻🍻🍻

  12. Jesus loves you ❤️❤️❤️
    Give your life to Christ before it is too late 🙏🙏🙏.

  13. I loved how it looked when he was dumping a whole mag behind the door, he open the door and finds the enemy slumped !

  14. This is the greatest video on YouTube today 👍🏽

  15. Either put arms on the player or GET F***ED!!

  16. "are you all right?
    "He's dead, I think that was Vin Diesel"

  17. So realistic that in real life you will not make a propane tank explode by shooting it with a firearm.

  18. Great video what vr set u got? Do u use some special gloves too?

  19. This shit funny lol your my new fizz still since he don’t post no more

  20. Reminds me of gaminglemon. Same voice

  21. We’re my baby girl Van diesel 🤣🤣🤣 got me crying

  22. What’s the name of this game? I can’t find it in the app store

  23. For all the mofos that don't look in the description to vids. This is a half life alyx mod on the steam workshop called "gunman contracts" 😉

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