This is a GAME!? It looks like REAL LIFE!! -

This is a GAME!? It looks like REAL LIFE!!

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  1. And kids from here was the beginning of metaverse

  2. B-side Archive (Obscure Music & Lost Media) says:

    We can't know the future for certain but this could be somewhat historical. I've never seen anything like this! Imagine triple A studios foaming at the mouth watching this video lol.

  3. If this is the new standard for next gen games everything will eventually just look like a real life sim.

    The only things that gave away this is a game are the anti-materiel rifle sized muzzle flashes on pistols and the fact that sometimes (rarely though) the transitions between animations are a bit spontaneous. But I've also never seen any other game that doesn't have that and this is scarily convincing already.

  4. Him:showing a high graphics game
    Me watching in 144p

  5. I'm sorry, but I don't see how anyone could mistake this for real life. Looks great, but just looks like there's a filter and fisheye on top of game footage

  6. Its actually how were fighting war in the ukraine atm

  7. Er no that looks absolutely plastic and not realistic.
    they just used high contrast while rendering the project.

  8. So realistic, but can't aim down the sights of the gun, pretty much just shooting a gun

  9. Uhm? These graphics are terrible. You should get your money back. So tired of these shit games c

  10. Waiting for Donut to do a breakdown on this one

  11. Looks real until the guy starts shooting, it's like the developers never seen a gun firing in their life

  12. This looks like he put a 360 camera in there went through the whole building and the game actually just a 360 video or pictures… 😅😅😅

  13. only thing i'd complain is that it needs less camera shake and less muzzle flashes

  14. Kane and Lynch dog days 2 had a similar style and feel to this

  15. It looks real but if you could turn down the muzzle flash that would be cool

  16. The only giveaway for me was probably the sound. Not quite there. But the graphics are so good I would probably have thought it's real if you didn't put it in the title.

  17. Looks like STALKER :). Yes the graphics are better but i believe the recent hardware is capable to produce this look rendering in a playable frame rate. To do so you would need more time and some guys with passion. With time i mean to know the hardware and how to utilize the maximum. Every year you have new hardware and tons of useless shait only for selling points. Guess the fast paste of the computer world is a hazard for the environment and stressful on the programmer… this is what i think. Less can be more sometimes…

  18. Now all they need to do is make it vr and set in a school it will solve 99% of the U.S problems

  19. I feels o weird when he looks out the windows and I see the walls.. just looks so real!!

  20. GTA 5 version would go fast in these graphics

  21. If people are confusing that for real life, then they have vision problems. Not even close.

  22. It looked 100% real until the firing animations. But, still, damned good job.

  23. Guns don't constantly have a muzzle flare. It's usually a result of a dusty environment. A dry dusty one. Not a moist one. This is why when engaging from a window you wanna stand and shoot from the inside out, never resting on the frame or sill

  24. Nothing in that clip looks fake except the shooting.

  25. When you suck in making realistic graphis, just make a video 🎥and post it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  26. You can defently tell it's fake the gunshots look fake and alot of things about it do like you can tell it is a game

  27. Cool another forever alpha game with a tripple A price tag.

  28. Its a unreal engine 5 lol theres literally millions of mini UE 5 unleashed projects that will never be out stop getting paid to show peoples work as it will be a hit…not really no one will buy this cuz it will never be released lol

  29. It looks like an early 2000s news video of a shooting… not real life at the gun range

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