This Is What a "Second-Person" Video Game Would Look Like -

This Is What a “Second-Person” Video Game Would Look Like

Nick Robinson
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Games shown:
0:01 – Painkiller
0:14 – Phantom Dust
1:19 – Refunct
1:28 – Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne
2:17 – Driver: San Francisco

Music used (in order):
TOMISAKI – Pliocene
Sir Cubworth – Orbital Romance
Wayne Jones – Resolution
Autionautix – The Voyage
Asher Fulero – Simmering
Asher Fulero – Peaceful Conclusion
Bad Snacks – The Morning After

The Voyage by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ()


  1. Your point of view. With no research points from others.

  2. I just want to say. I am currently working on a book, told from a "second person view point"

  3. play minecraft you will get answer of 2nd person

  4. it happens in some of gta games like san andreas or 4 when ur being chased by cops and using cenimatic camera there is a slight chance you will get this perspective

  5. 1:401:55 If unfastened from the "camera", then this description fits the real-time strategy, or games like "Anno 1404". We influence the situation not through direct actions from the perspective of "I did" or "he did", but from the perspective of "you will do this." "Here you are (select a crowd of people) go there and capture" … Or games like "Total War" where we just manipulate with instructions to some ones.

    Suitable for me.

  6. Boring channel, lengthy video with bloated content, didn't learn anything, overrrated. Pls do a short next time (I mean, 3 years ago you couldn't, but now you can)

  7. It occurred to me that a number of the old radio dramas like 'Escape' often took a 2nd person narrative perspective. Lots of "you realize" and "you're going to" bits that were clearly trying to up the immersion.

  8. This was somehow so poetic and eye opening

  9. I would argue that most text adventures and a fair number of FMV games technically qualify as Second Person Gameplay.

  10. this video was so well described and as a blind person i really appreciate that

  11. Would 2nd person be like Metal Gear Solid 2 where you are Raiden and you are watching yourself being played by the game where the AI tells you its a game and we control you?

  12. How to be over dramatic and mind blowing surprised about basically changing camera view like many open world games.

  13. I like to think of this in the context of books. First person narration is the perspective of the character, and thus a first person game is experienced through the eyes of the character. A third person book is narrated by an outside observer of the story, and as such a 3rd person game would be in a perspective surrounding that character. A second person perspective is something described in the context of you being the one the actions and story are based around, and as such, you would be the character you play as, which would only be partially emulated by a VR game.

  14. Technically the assassin's creed games are 2nd person narrative as you are controlling your ancestor through the animus excluding the modern day sections, however you still play in 3rd person.

  15. Oh, so it's controlling your own body while looking at yourself from someone else's body.

  16. The true second person is the case we always play in all games:
    When the game view is in first person than we lookin at the first person as a controller are second person…we in front of the screen controlling the first person character are second person. Cauz we are not present in the game actually but we r looking at the game like we exist there although our body is outside of the game. Hence we satisfy the actual criteria of the 2nd person.

  17. Idea: 2nd Person Horror Game, You play as a Person but you see it in the Eyes of a Monster After Them, but there is some Text that tells you what you are Doing at the Time.
    Or something Like That

  18. In a way this has me thinking… Is the Stanley Parable technically a second person game?

  19. Some dev out there needs to make an entire game about stalker- you play the character being stalked but the view is from the perspective of the stalker the entire time

  20. Dota 2 and League of legends kind fit into that category?

  21. It’s cool how you can see yourself in the orange car driving it.

  22. I've never heard of Driver: San Francisco, but what a cool mechanic!!!

  23. Gran Turismo B-spec races would be considered 2nd person maybe?

  24. Keep coming back to this video. Great explanation of an obscure and fascinating concept!

  25. In Ubisofts 2008 Prince of Persia. The ending in the temple, sees you playing the entire section through the eyes of a great demon watching you while you control the prince.
    It's the only second person I know other then the obscure camera angles in is it GTAV or driver 2, gosh I get them mixed up

  26. rayman 2 did this in cave of bad dreams, when you get chased by Jano

  27. Wouldn't the old resident evil with fixed camera be considered 2nd person?

  28. Yep, when I saw this driver mission for the first time, I'm like "woah, it's 2nd person!"

  29. Feel like 2nd person would look like the old school Mario games

  30. That’s still third person second would be those old text games

  31. No such thing as second person perspective from a visual standpoint. As others have said, it’s from a writer’s standpoint. People are overthinking it. There’s only two visual perspectives: 1st person and 3rd person. lol goofy ahh sheep 😅

  32. So 2nd person perspective is looking at another person's screen and seeing yourself in Mario Kart

  33. So it’s just a 3rd person view in a 1st person perspective… simply though it’s just 3rd person with a vehicle interior border 🤷‍♂️

  34. Interestingly I think I’m more impressed at achieving 240MPH! at a stand still 😆

  35. 4th person: a character playing a game in third person

  36. I just noticed, but isn't The Sims also in second person?

  37. So we're giving video games pronouns now too?

  38. 2nd person games should be about you as another character, looking at the main character (you)

  39. I think a second person type of game is more of ARPG type or even RTS games where you control everything from above .

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