This new game has real life graphics... -

This new game has real life graphics…

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This is the most realistic game ever. Unrecord is a new tactical shooter FPS game on Unreal Engine 5 which looks real. Interesting mechanics in this one, let’s take a look! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.


  1. If something like this gets released I would not put it past the military or law enforcement to to buy it up you could totally use this for weapons familiarization and training

  2. Honestly keep it realistic, nobody in real life is going to hit all there shots or sometimes any of them

  3. The modding and porn in the future will be amazing

  4. This guy saw how utterly idiot gamers are, falling for scams like The Day Before and thought he could do the same.
    And its working.

  5. This project is more than proof to what can be achieved on Unreal Engine, compared to Unity.

  6. they shouldnt use any forms of aim assist in this game unrecord. they should keep it as realistic as possible considering that is the premise of the game.

  7. I just can't belive, that's cant be a real game!

  8. Im literally blown away….this actually has me worried

  9. I have always said that the graphics outside is far better than on the PC. Well over 60fps and free too.

  10. This Is So Beautiful, I'm Very Excited About This Game. I Really Hope They Don't Censor The Realism And Be More Heavy/Sincere On The Rating. I Do Not Want The Game Censored Just Because A Karen (Parent) Decided To Get Their Child An M Rated Game.

  11. plot twist:
    Thats actually a real shooting video

  12. It looks very nice for a game and the animations in particular give it a greater sense of realism than most games, but you'd have to be nearly blind to think this was real-life footage.

  13. Bro… that's to realistic😅… this freaks me out

  14. Twitch aiming, gmod had it, I've seen it on N64 007 GoldenEye

  15. I can handle counterstrike, battlefield, or cod level of realism because I don't feel like I'm killing real people…
    this game… I would never be able to handle, or I would be afraid it would actually desensitize me to the idea of killing an actual person…
    the realism is insane.

  16. whats the big deal lol you can tell right away that it isnt real

  17. i get a feeling of uncanny valley. Its close to real but i can still see that something is off, its not quite right, and it makes it look weird for me.

  18. i really wish this is for real, but the dev failed to prove it. all he need to do is show the wireframe/3d model, but instead he shows a video with the "dev console". pretty suspicius.
    the devs of Jibaro (love,death,robots) have no problem showing the cg models. nobody now is questioning if was motion capture or whatever.
    Even if this is true, probably will have a watch dogs style "downgrade". Sry for the english

  19. After going down the Code Blue rabbit hole, I come across this

  20. Next generation horror games😮 are gonna be insane

  21. Always wanted a game like this. Especially after I saw the first release of it.

  22. Imagine someone make a huge game by copying the whole ass google maps and making it a horror game

  23. I remember my ass getting impressed by a sh!tty cgi satisfying video about 20 years ago and see this

  24. What really sells it for me is the auto exposure which acts exactly like a gopro or any other cheap camera when when looking at something bright and then quickly turning it to a much darker spot. Games are usually much better at making that a seemless transition, but this is mimicking the limitations of dynamic range and auto exposure of a body cam perfecty. That moment in the beginning with the peaking over exposed sky and the sharp trees caused by the harsh highlight rolloff is pretty much impossible to differentiate from footage. Very cool idea!

  25. I'm very excited about the level of downgrade this game will have.

  26. Why do I have the feeling it isn’t a game. And the players are controlling real people. (Twilight zone theme)

  27. Oh man, that would be so amazing if only I gave a fuck about graphics.

  28. Seems like there is every form of ray tracing present here, reflections , global illumination, ambient occlusion, there are not much shadows in this video so cannot if it is ray traced as well or traditional one, but as it is going to be a pc exclusive so it should take full benefit of pc hardware so rt shadows should be present there

  29. Ganz klar kein Spiel, normale aufnahmen die nachbearbeitet wurden. Sieht man meiner Meinung nach sofort. Probs an den Macher 🙂

  30. people will come back to this game in the future and still notice it doesn't look as good as it used too on release

  31. The game is realistic and one more touch to it some GPU crawling path tracing

  32. If this looks real to YOU, GO THE F*** OUTSIDE

  33. bro has insane graphics and they gun take it out sooner than gta6

  34. I’ve been waiting for this day. Imagine video games 20 years from now

  35. so hard to believe it isnt real, i keep looking , lwkm

  36. A counter-strike like game with these graphics would be crazy

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