This OFFLINE SHOOTING Game for iOS/Android Is Actually Good! (Cover Fire) -

This OFFLINE SHOOTING Game for iOS/Android Is Actually Good! (Cover Fire)

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“Best Offline Shooting Games for Android 2020 – Offline Shooting Games for iOS 2020! Best Offline Multiplayer Shooting Game for iOS/Android Under 100mb High Graphics 2020 (Not PUBG Mobile, Not COD Mobile) Best Offline Games Like PUBG/Best Offline Games Like Call of Duty – Cover Fire Game”


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Hi everyone! Welcome back to another awesome video on the ExxotikGaming YouTube channel 😀 I know tons of you guys maybe don’t have a stable internet connection, or you frequently lose power, and you’re at a loss of what to do because you can’t play online multiplayer shooting games anymore like PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, Pixel Gun 3D, Free Fire, and much more! So, what do you do? Well, you can play OFFLINE multiplayer shooting games – and whereas most of them are pretty bad, I found one called Cover Fire which is actually surprisingly good! Watch the video to see what this game has to offer, all while being completely offline 🙂

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  1. Im already at the last chapter at cover fire

  2. i downloaded the cheated version of that and got bored(happened before CODM release)


  4. 4:15 I'ma report these guys to Activision right now if they don't give free CoD zombies dlc's

  5. I thought he was going to talk about Nova legacy

  6. Can you buy some stuff for me on free fire

  7. Also try world war heroes… It's a good one…

  8. The forever alone is a character! Check it out!

  9. You should try out dead target 1 and 2…also hitman sniper contracts…

  10. Element 115? Kinda reminds me of cod zombies

  11. I wonder what came first hero hunters or this game someone tell me their gameplay is kinda similar

  12. I’ve been playing this game for the last 2 weeks. It’s really good.

  13. I love that game it is the best!!!!!!!

  14. I have played and don’t like the energy feature

  15. I have that game it's have so good graphic

  16. Exxotikgaming there one best zombie game is dead effect

  17. try out frag pro shooter online or offline you wont regret it


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  19. Is this a first person shooter or…..3rd person?

  20. Hey man! Your voice is not annoying like some people. Great game to breakdown even though I already have it. I'm looking for cheat codes for levels that I don't have 3 stars on. I haven't looked to see how long it's been out, but this game is FIYA! ONLINE IS A WHOLE NUTHA LEVEL! The difficulty is great on zombie skirmishes, and rewards are cool. I just don't pay for games, but if I did. This game would be it.

  21. Hahahaha I thought you don't play this offline games but since you did I will sub for that and give you a tumbs up of course 🤗😉👌❤️

  22. Cover fire notice I downloaded yesterdays

  23. At 3:54 I nearly died of laughter 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  24. if You get far it gets a lil p2w like 5%

  25. The green means to not shoot them and shoot the lock in the cage

  26. Also to get to higher combat levels you need to upgrade your skills

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