This zombie survival game is actually FREE.. -

This zombie survival game is actually FREE..

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Welcome to Deathly Stillness an all new Zombie Survival game that appeared on steam about a week ago. The game is nothing too crazy but it was not intended to be crazy anyways. A very impressive experience considering it was made in about 2-3 weeks. or so it says.

As per Steam: “This is a boring third-person zombie game with no plot,Complete the quest to kill all the zombies. This game is a teaching case game of bilibili Chen Jiacheng, not an officially released game.”

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  1. 2 weeks. free. Oh and can’t forget GANGSTA haha

  2. zombies noise sounds like the zombies on Pavlov

  3. im the part of this game making team…i have worked on this game..we are on another project and soon we are gonna launch another game.

  4. When you're looking for an affordable game, you want to know what's out there, and much of what's out there tickles your fancy by showing you what's "COMING", but I wish there was a channel that focused ONLY on games that are already released, functional and most of all, COMPLETE. No one ever says to themselves, 'hey, I can't really afford a new game, because my landlord is taking 95% of my total income for rent, but I want a new game, why don't I just buy a cheap game that will remain unfinished, stagnating in Early Access for decades to come, because the teams are small and unexperienced!" Instead I'm thinking, What games were actually COMPLETED from the list of "up-coming games" posted yester-year, or are they still UP COMING?

  5. Stop rhyming free me week read steam seen

  6. The game surely looks and plays good and it is really interesting as well. But to be honest, all those asstes, the character creator, all assets were bought and just combined together. The landscape and position of cars with in the last of us 2 map was not even changed from the 70$ asset pack i know. So 2 weeks is quite okay for that even for one developer, not unrealistic. If this game should ever be fun to play for longer than 10 minutes und has unique things, for about 1% of the work is done yet.

  7. the character looks like shawn from the walking dead

  8. i can't get this game to run on Chromebook os

  9. I remember his name was hollowpoint and made bo2 or bo3 weapon classes

  10. The blogger make this game for 7000 and more money in chinese yuan. But only for a teaching case.

  11. Sponsored by the WarZ aka Infestation Survivor Stories Engine.

  12. channelclosingastrollshave followedmeherefromwork says:

    What's it on

  13. I'd love a game like this but open-world, exploration, base building, etc.

  14. Why don't they put good zombie games on ps4

  15. In the last of us his name is not Joe it's Joel

  16. This game got looking really good when hit them melees an kick i was like oh shit

  17. Man if only there was left 4 dead 2 collab and they added the 4 iconic heroes I would be liking this game so much

  18. i was watching on 360p tought u was bald XD

  19. Sell the rights to a games publisher for dollar

  20. Cool game but needs more openness and challenges, but not bad for a short free game.

  21. Make this open world add cars and a survival aspect to it. Gas for cars food water shelter. Bang. goty

  22. I found a game, from an advertisement, where under the character of a survivor, with a bow, he gave a voice, an African-American dubbed voice actor

  23. It been 5 years ago watching you good old days🥹

  24. The graphics and everything is just like the wwZ game

  25. 1:08 Yeah, we need more zombie survival games lol. That was a joke right? I searched your channel and you haven't played DayZ, Project Zomboid, 7 Days to Die, Dead Rising, They Are Billions, Left 4 Dead, Hunt: Showdown, etc. If you want a free zombie game that has a lot more to it then try S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly. No More Room in Hell is another free one.

  26. I don't have much interest in early access. It's a shame nobody does a list of upcoming games LEAVING early access.

    What tends to happen is that they only make videos of upcoming early access and by the time they're officially released. I'll probably forget about them.

  27. u got that right !' "if its free its for me!"

  28. According to steam, this game was made in a couple of weeks or something crazy like that.
    Wanted to check it out Today. Pretty cool stuff and of course… its free. lol

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