Tony Yayo on 50 Cent's Security Shooting Game's Entourage at Hot97 (Part 16) -

Tony Yayo on 50 Cent’s Security Shooting Game’s Entourage at Hot97 (Part 16)

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In this clip, Tony Yayo talks about the infamous shootout between 50 Cent’s crew and The Game’s crew at Hot 97 and the consequences that followed. From there, the 44-year-old rapper from Queens states that he wished both sides never quarreled with one another because they could have made a lot of money together on tour.


  1. Beef Patty with Cocoa Bread, Keeps.everybody fed.

  2. Beef patties and coco bread only Caribbean’s know and appreciate that

  3. The breaking up of the interviews is annoying

  4. Damn I never thought about Game and G-Unit touring. That is a lot of money missed 😳

  5. God damn the whole interview is about 50 Cent so what the f*** is Yayo therefore

  6. Beef Pattie with Coco bread lol
    My man bringing it back!
    Shit is delicious 😋 🤣


  8. He knows a lot about the psychy but not how to sit up straight lol

  9. yo
    Uno, dos, tres, quatro'
    My click eat like the Twelve Holy Apostles
    We bust down models, and plush out Tahoe's
    Jewels froze, look like we hit the Lotto
    P89, My clip filled wit' hollows
    Stunt in the club, get hit wit' yellow bottles
    Don't speak ma if ya neck don't swallow
    'Cause 50 push Bentley's and Dre push Diablo's
    That Eminem money got cash in my Escrow – Tony Yayo

  10. Game messed the music money up. Imagine the billions G-Unit would've made. 50 was trying to do what Lil Wayne did with Nicki Minaj, Drake, Tyga etc

  11. I only hope to achieve this level of peace and happiness in my life

  12. Yaya used to be on the LIE in his white Bentley and would be like what up in traffic humble cool dude…

  13. Yayo always been my favorite member of G unit. Not for the lyrics but he h could could tell he was the dope boy of the click. But I fucced with his demeanor and style frfr

  14. we all have an ego, that’s what makes us though

    misconception of inflated ego vs ego

  15. Man where is the whole interview??? All these cookie crumbs give me the whole thang mane

  16. who knew we'd be living in a time where hip hop/rap is the biggest genre. rappers are really eating these days doing 250k a show & they're all bosses. it's come a long way.

  17. See, Yayo was always the most wise. that’s a rapper that said “i was happy with what i had” 👏 that’s being thankful, that’s godly. Brings good karma. 1:32

  18. From my heart I feel Yayo. He's a real human being. Fuksss with this

  19. We need more yayo 🗻💯👏🤑🤪👿🔥

  20. 50 and Game must've never had good communication from the start. They both should've been clearer on how serious the beef w/ Ja & by ext. Jada, Joe & Nas was.

  21. Yo can’t front I was salivating when he said beef patty with coco bread. Lol word that used to be my dinner most nights. Lol peace to ya yo

  22. I ran into Yayo buying a gallon of milk at a gas station in Long Island the other day. Great dude.

  23. Would love a Banks interview. But I know that ain't happening

  24. Vlad treat his interviews like a oz that he bags up in all nicks 😅🤣

  25. Portland, JAMAICA in The Building !!!!!!

  26. First celebrity to follow me on twitter

  27. Yayo always been solid. Yayo made me laugh, "with sprinklers I'm the lawn".


  29. Tony Yayo blocked me on Social media cuz I commented on his live one time
    “Marvin Bernard who wouldn’t come out to the yard”
    I got that from the game on stop snitching stop lying dvd 😂

  30. Yo…hold up…my man said the beef patty with the coco bread….lol you know it

  31. Tony yay my boy . His mind is right , enjoy your life.

  32. I think it’s safe to safe that this guy is in love with 50.

  33. Vlad breaking this interview down like how enzymes break down food in your stomach.

  34. "sprinklers coming our the ground, l was happy!" Yayo really appreciated turning his life around & living the American dream!! He's 100% right about egos too.

  35. You can't be mad at Yayo. Dude told you he came from the struggle and now living the dream. He's thankful for the people that put him on and thankful for the situation he's in. That's how it supposed to be

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