Top 10 Arcade Style Run and Gun Games -

Top 10 Arcade Style Run and Gun Games
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Once upon a time, dodging and returning gunfire was the name of the game. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Arcade style Run and Gun Games. Click here to subscribe: or visit our channel page here: Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at 🙂

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  1. What is name of the game where u had to use signal granate to call helicopter to rescue you at the end of every level

  2. While I agree with Gunstar Heroes, Contra Hard Corps is the best of the franchise.

  3. Metal slug 3 was in my opinon the best of the 7

  4. The channel that has fithteen subscribers says:

    I freaking love metal slug best military arcade game I've ever played

  5. Gunstar Heroes at the Top.

    We can't be more agreed.


  6. Before first and third person shooters there were run n gun games

  7. They need to redo the list and do regular run and gun games and add cuphead

  8. Does anyone know what the Run and Gun nes game was called where at the beginning of the first mission you got dropped by a helicopter in the jungle?

  9. For me Contra Hard Corps better than Alien Wars. It improve the mechanic from previous installment and has replay value because it alternate endings.


  11. Metal slug series is defiantely No.1. King of run and gun games , Gunstar is good but the music is horrible !!

  12. What was the first game name I’ve been trying to find the name of that first game that was up there first and have not found it yet

  13. Shitstar Heroes number one but not Metal Slug X. For fucks sake.

  14. Awesome vid! Some games if never heard of before

  15. Metal Slug 3 is the best Run n' Gun game out there.
    -Rideable Tanks, Aircrafts, Submarine, Robots, Camel, Ostrich, etc.
    -It has different varieties of enemies such as Aliens, Zombies, Mummies, Insects, Sea Creatures, Plant Monsters, Robots etc.
    -The game has branching paths.
    -A gorgeous pixel art style.
    -It has humor and movie references.

  16. Siiii!!! Gunstar Heroes es el Mejor, siempre lo será!!!

  17. I was surprised you went with Super Star Wars l, considering the sequels let you actually USE the Force, not to mention character-specific special abilities.

    One I’ve tried, and I’m wondering how it rated with the peanut gallery, is Cybernator. It was an SNES game that was an attempt at an American-made mecha game with run-and-gun action.

  18. I can't believe "Freedom! Do or Die" (PC) isn't featured. Best run 'n' gun ever!

  19. Contra and metal slug and Turrican should definitely be on this list . and also Indiana Jones and star wars and sunset rider.

  20. "Freedom! Do or Die" is by far the best game on Steam!

  21. Gunstar Heroes!!! Yeah love it. No. 1.

  22. Cybernator & MetalWarriors is also excellent on the SNES… Konami of course.
    But Metal Slugs on the NeoGeo are magical =)

  23. Narc is literally one of the shittiest arcade games I've ever played. I honestly saw it at number 10 and immediately knew this list would be pure shit. Good job

  24. Contra hard corps is number 1. Gunstsr heroes is 2. Other than narc the list was ok

  25. You missed in ikari warriors and smash tv

  26. I was like, where tf is Gunstar Heroes? Oh, its #1 Contra 3 is always gonna be my #1 though….

  27. Gunforce deserves to be in the list

  28. Oh the memories of Metal Slug would walk to my local Fiesta Mart to play it at least once a week. Good times now I can play anytime on my modded Xbox.

  29. When I first saw the this list I thought I saw RoboCop Vs Terminator great game by the way

  30. Thank god gunstar heroes was number one. There can be no other way, even in the face of contra.

  31. Alien Soldier is my favorite game ever, and I can not stop saying that. Also, it used to hold the Guinness world record for most bosses in a run n gun game untile Cuphead came out.

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