TOP 10 Best Ever PSP Shooter Games - 2016 Deluxe Edition -

TOP 10 Best Ever PSP Shooter Games – 2016 Deluxe Edition

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Check out this TOP 10 of the Best Shooter Games you can play on your Playstation Portable or using PPSSPP emulator.


  1. you create your video very good shooting games great bro

  2. You added mostly shitty ones. Also I call click fucking bait on this shit.

  3. hmm a gun from kill zone, aiming at a dinosaur, in HD… when the only kill zone game is top down….YEP THIS IS DEFINITELY LEGIT

  4. moh2 is the best, the first shooting game i play.

  5. good vid you inspired me to get moh heroes 2 and cod roads to victory thx man

  6. Lol i never thought call of duty was in the video lol i just said call of duty is better while i was watching LOL

  7. Man, if only the psp had dual analog. Would have been a monster of a system. The vita was great but came out at a bad time and was too costly. The psp would have been legendary if it had another stick

  8. Ok people, stop commenting ”Where’s Metal gear solid PW” cuz 1. The metal gear games are stealth games 2. Metal gear is no even a 1st person game

  9. Naaahhhh… this is my top 3 shooting psp games , Metal gear solid peace walker/3RD Birthday/Medal of honors 2

  10. To bad they didn't used the buttons on the right to aim (camera) double tap down for crouch, double tap up for run

  11. I have "CALL OF DUTY:ROADS TO VICTORY" in my PSP it's a epic game and i well dowload "MEDAL OF HEROES 2"

  12. iDK, i enjoyed playing its controls, i didnt ask for another thumb stick coz we cant change anything, i cant complain, and it's really cool experience

  13. Lol I could understand every German word xD

  14. La portada es de el dinosaurio de King King y el arma de killzone 3 o 2 está bonito

  15. I had no idea that King Kong got a psp port. Looks faithful to the gabecube and xbox versions, just with shittier graphics.

  16. Gun showdown only on psp? Lol I had it on ps2

  17. My favorite shooting game…MEDAL OF HONOR:heroes

  18. Psp is only have 1 anolog stick,so play shooting games is suck,but it has lots of classic game,so it still better than vita

  19. Activision: Hey, let's make 5 Call Of Duty games on the Nintendo DS! Because the DS is way more powerfull than the PSP!
    I still don't understand why there is only 1 CoD game on PSP

  20. PSPのブラザーインアームズはわりとクソゲーだぞ

  21. The only game I completed from that list is Call Of Duty Road To Victory. Very easy. Lots of slow down but still playable.

  22. For those teens or players that want to play psp games again, i recommend you ppsspp

  23. Homebrew shooter games are much better. Revamped and Kurok

  24. Easy fiz for everyone who csnt use right analog,
    Just download Psp Emulator install it on PC
    Remap the O,X,Rectangle and □,with any controller you conected on PC.
    For example if you already assign the O button with other funcionality just click on plus(+)key and add your new button/2nd button.Usually if your press O the camera would look right so you have to change or add the right analog,If your square is for left,then just rotate your analog to left means you have to add it as a 2nd functionality.Dont change it or delete it otherwise your button wont work.
    Optional : Go to your psp roms(Roms Settinf)just create your config and go to controller section.So that it wont interupt your controller setting im another roms,

  25. Why is there v rex from king kong film in the thumbnail ?

  26. Were discs alyx on pc? I dont used steam were my licence copy alyx?

  27. Soundtracks in chili gon cornage is very beautiful

  28. The thumbnail looks like a pic from King Kong (2006) and the gun is from killzone haha. Awesome video man. Still need to pick up most of these!

  29. i want to know what game is like you can transfer to other bodies i think and fight monsters? idk i just want to play it again

  30. Duuuuude how have i never seen king kong on psp. This looks badass. Im gonna have to check amazon for a copy

  31. COD in the psp is bad, no resistance, no Syphon Filter? Is your list but so many shooters left out, but cool you added Coded Arms Contagion, back when Konami cared to make games

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