Top 10 Best First-Person Shooters for PS4 | PlayStation 4 -

Top 10 Best First-Person Shooters for PS4 | PlayStation 4

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Sometimes the thrill of life is best viewed from behind the sights of a gun, as these 10 first-person shooters on PS4 easily prove.

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  1. Best fps shooters for ps4 and he starts with a VR game 😂smh

  2. about Overwatch 2…you may want to lower your expectations 🙂

  3. Love to see respawn make a gundam game with titanfall's gameplay

  4. VR games really would be 10 times better if your hands didn’t float in the air

  5. Also Apex Legends. I heard Apex Legends is good. Any FPS games I should try 1st. And also Fallout 4.

  6. Titanfall 2's campaign was so memorable. The movement is so good and it made you feel so powerful

  7. Don't sleep on Crysis Trilogy Remastered either.

  8. Does anyone know what the song used in the background of this video is?

  9. pls make a video for top 10 3rd person games for PS4

  10. I bought RAGE 2 thinking it was going too be a dud but no sir I was totally wrong. Its probably in my top 3 fps games of all time.

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