Top 10 BEST FPS Games Like Call of Duty for LOW-END iOS/Android 2022! High Graphics! [Free Download] -

Top 10 BEST FPS Games Like Call of Duty for LOW-END iOS/Android 2022! High Graphics! [Free Download]

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“Top 10 Games Like Call of Duty for Android/iOS – Games Like Call of Duty Mobile (Games Like Call of Duty Android Offline and Online) Best Games for Android (Low-End FPS Games for Android) Low-End Games Like COD Mobile 1GB RAM, 2GB RAM – New High Graphics FPS Games for Low-End Android”



BattleOps | Offline Game
iOS – No plans for an iOS version as of right now!
Android –

Shot Dawn: International
iOS – Coming soon…currently undergoing private testing!
Android –

NOTE: For Shot Dawn, you’ll need to download an updated version of the app. After you open up the app, it’ll take you to a website where you’ll download the latest version. Follow the steps there and you’ll be set!

Battle Prime – Epic Modern FPS
iOS –
Android –

POLYWAR (Early Access)
iOS – Coming soon…currently undergoing private testing!
Android –

Modern Combat 5: Mobile FPS
iOS –
Android –

MaskGun: FPS Shooting Gun Game
iOS –
Android –

Combat Master Mobile FPS
iOS –
Android –

iOS – No iOS version available. Try PUBGM or BGMI instead!
Android –

Kuboom 3D: FPS Shooter
iOS –
Android –

Bullet Force
iOS –
Android –

Hi everyone! Welcome to my channel! Today I am bringing you all a highly-requested video: top 10 FPS games like Call of Duty Mobile for iOS/Android…specifically designed for low-end devices! All 10 of these games in the video work great on devices as low as 2GB RAM (some even on devices with 1GB RAM!), and are perfect alternatives if CODM simply lags too much. What are you waiting for?! Check out the list and try out some of these awesome games! 😀

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  1. Glad I don’t need these videos anymore

  2. Hey Exxotik..

    Do you know if Counter Strike Source already have an port version for Android?

    It's not just Counter Strike Source, but.. Counter Strike 1.6 also already have it's own port version and some also have it's modded version for Android

    CS1.6 Android port is low end friendly game.. you can even play it on phone with 512MB RAM ( just make sure you have 800MB storage on your phone

    Meanwhile Counter Strike Source.. it's a not a low end friendly game, but.. if you have 4GB of RAM and have at least 32 or 64GB storage.. it might worth trying

    PS : both Counter Strike support additional file modding

  3. standoff 2 is good it feels like cs:go and has a good graphics and i have a low end phone

  4. Note to add. MC5 is on steam for windows and if you are on android try out MC4 and MC3!

  5. But witch one is a offline fps shooting games like cod?

  6. Really?! REALLY?! REALLYYYY???!!!
    Escape from Tarkov thumbnail for a video about low end android/iOS?!

  7. Why does combat master work on my 2.5 gb phone

  8. I miss when you make pixel gun 3d videos i enjoy your pg3d videos

  9. This channel actually has a good games taste like most of them thinks that having only high graphic and some rating is good game but no, it should have a feeling of what it meant to like if it's cyberpunk genre the Audiance should feel like they are in cyberpunk world….

  10. Battle prime is not for low end devices I have an Android 10 with 2G RAM and play store says it's not compatible with my version

  11. Code or War and Striker zone did not make the list

  12. hi im from the future exxotikgaming is about to make a video on pixel gun infinity. 🚎

  13. Hi I downloaded Battle Prime but it just shows a blank screen the game closes
    Help please

  14. Hmmm mask guns allways crashes in a 2gb ram phone

  15. What!!!!! 2gb ram played Battle Prime
    I'm gonna download

  16. Yo would anyone happen to Have any suggestions for FPS or TPS campaign games ???

  17. Thanks for tell me about this games sometimes I get bored or my wi Fi is not good in some case

  18. Here is my top 3

    1.Combat master
    These games are the best for low end devices and all of these are offline, you can search them up, download it, and play it right now

  19. Bro codm was released in 2019 or 2020 not 2022

  20. Hey can you do special force group 2 its a good game the game is just like counter strike

  21. dude i used to love mc5 and the other games of it like mc3 and 4, i used to like tried to figure out how bounty hunter works because im so confused on how to use it, mc4 then was my fav mc game back then because of the campaign

  22. Kaboom was my childhood bro its fun try it also there was another game that was zombie themed but the same graphics as this

  23. I can't even download almost any of them my tablet does not even have a 1 TH of ram

  24. Title: For low end!
    Combat Master on iOS: iOS 13 or Later Needed
    My Device: iOS 12
    Haha, man..

  25. Bro what i tried combat master on my a10s and it just kicks me

  26. My phone can run COD mobile but the problem is i dont have enough storage space.

  27. Whyyyyyy!!!! Just why???? Shot dawn is not available in my country. Mahn i just hope it will soon, the game looks fun

  28. Combat Masters is literally more demanding then Codm tho.

  29. brutal strike is a cs:go like game and its made for low end devices i suggest people with low end devices to play it its pretty good

  30. The only one I would have downloaded on iOS, pubg lite and it ain’t available. Such bs…

  31. The 2 games that are good(I can't think of a 3rd one):warface and war after

  32. Top fav offline games in my opinion:
    1.Plague Inc.
    2.Getaway 2

  33. Can I play any of these game in my 1gb ram phone

  34. ExxoticGaming but I can't get battle prime on my android

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