Top 10 BEST MOBILE FPS Games with HIGH Graphics! SAME as PC Graphics! [Free Download] -

Top 10 BEST MOBILE FPS Games with HIGH Graphics! SAME as PC Graphics! [Free Download]

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“Top 10 Best FPS Games with HIGH Graphics for Android (Top 10 Best FPS Games on Mobile) Best Graphics Shooting Games for Android Offline/Online – Best Graphics FPS Games for Android! High Graphics Android Games Offline/Online Multiplayer (New Mobile FPS Games 2022) Games Like Call of Duty – Same as PC Graphics”



Arena Breakout (Chinese Version)
– iOS:
– Android:
*NOTE: You will need to change your Apple ID location to China to get this game on iOS devices. Instructions are in this video’s description:

War After: PvP Shooter
– iOS: No download link yet. Coming soon, check back later!
– Android:

Bright Memory Mobile
– iOS:
– Android:

Rise of Demons: Mobile FPS
– iOS:
– Android:

FireFront Mobile FPS
– Twitter:
– Patreon (Play Alpha):

Call of Duty Mobile
– iOS:
– Android:

Apex Legends Mobile
– iOS:
– Android:

Battle Prime – Epic Modern FPS
– iOS:
– Android:

Retract Survive: Demons
– iOS: No download link yet. Coming soon, check back later!
– Android:

Dead Effect 2: Space Zombies
– iOS:
– Android:

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Hey guys! ExxotikGaming here – welcome back to my channel! In this video, I tell you all about the top 10 BEST mobile FPS games that look like REAL LIFE! These games have some of the most realistic graphics you can get on mobile first-person shooters…and they’re awesome! Some of them, you’ve definitely heard of…and others, maybe not! So sit back, relax, and enjoy this in-depth video about the 10 best offline/online FPS games with HIGH graphics for iOS/Android! And let me know in the comments which one was your favorite! 🙂

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  1. The only content creator i fully trust to what to play

  2. 5:22 "performs really well on low end devices" dude my phone is infinnix hot 11 s NFC, it's a really decent phone, but I can't reach even 40 fps on it, I played it a months ago and delete it after an hour of play

  3. I dont think Apex Legends Mobile has better graphics than CoD Mobile, because in CoD Mobile is another feature that loads the shaders that not everyone know, its fantastic!

  4. Ik this has nothing to do with this video but can u check out a game called recoil on roblox it has more content than call of duty mobile and the game is very similar the mw 2019 on mobile roblox and pc roblox

  5. Its currnetly night for me and im under my blanket (pause) not sus
    Anyways every time the screen goes black its dark asf

  6. Warframe Mobile won't come soon. They only started developing testing it this year when the announcement was last year.

  7. Hey exxotic you should try project clear its like a ready or not copy (kinda)

  8. My best is combat master all thanks too your channel thank you so much and keep the good work going

  9. Thanks man I really wanted this video, maybe you should make every fps games ranked part 2 or every battle royale games part 2. Take your time I'm not forcing you.

  10. Sorry didn’t realize u made this before sorry

  11. Yoo indian government will ban those games which are Chinese

  12. I saw multiple of shooting game on is game that every thing was good but I just want hear one thing cod mobile is Better than PUBG

  13. arena breakout is not available in india can u pls make a video on how to play it in india???

  14. I would put shadowgun legends on here, its still a bussin game

  15. Keep up the work btw the best human 2bd game creator

  16. My favorite one is Modern Strike Online, because what my YouTube name is what it is 😁

  17. Bro I just can't understand how war after game got removed from my phone.When it was released I played and wasshocked to see how smooth it was running until one day I saw that this game was not on my play store and the reason was the version.Becoz of the update the version was gone too high for my phone's version and that's why I can't play it anymore I really miss it😢

  18. ExxoticGaming PLZ showcase the game called hyper front

  19. Hey exxotik, they'res a new air combat game called Air Battle Mission and its like Ace Combat or Project wingman, but theres no FPS cockpit and you start with a AH-6. (Like so exxotik sees this)

  20. Guns at dawn it is a cowboy game and it is fun

  21. Do you have a blinking problem??????

  22. Bro i can run cod but my device dont support apex like wthh

  23. I've been seeing dead effect 2 for a long while, but the one you showed and commentate abt it….Aight fxxk it, TOO MY PHONE!

  24. If you've never played mini millitia your not a mobile gamer

  25. Hey exxotik please buy my codm account for whatever price you think will be enough for my account cause i could really use the money for my treatment

  26. We want story mode plus high graphics plus simple mechanics

  27. Most of them only for android nice. I assume there’s never going to be good games on iOS

  28. escape from tarkov but on mobile very nice!

    can't wait for its release

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