Top 10 Best Oculus Quest Shooters - Summer 2021 -

Top 10 Best Oculus Quest Shooters – Summer 2021

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From fun rhythm shooters to the most technical military sims – here are the top 10 best Oculus Quest shooters!

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  1. Super lazy journalism, talking about quest, showing pc versions

  2. Pop one definitely should have been #1. The constant post launch support and how polished it is deserves top spot

  3. Super hot is soooo overrated. Seriously can’t understand why people drool over it. It’s a one a done game. I had zero desire to go back and play it again

  4. Ok list, heres some games I love, not on the list.

    Gun Club VR (great weapon sim, tons of different weapons, very accurate and more in depth reloading as well.)

    Zero Caliber: Reloaded, best shooter out on Quest, by far. Guns feel really good. And the game deserves a second opinion now after a lot of visual and ai updates.

    Sport Mode(applab): Best physics driven sandbox-shooter. Until Boneworks releases on Quest.

    Lies Beneath: Great horror shooter with melee and interesting reloading method that I haven't seen in any other game. F scary though…

    Battle Sister: actually a great shooter with big big guns and manual or automatic reload whatever you prefer. Game looks great on quest.

    Audica: best rythm shooter, by far. Pistolwhip is great and all but if you're looking for something more rythm based. Audica is really tight on the beat. Feels great. Good selection of music.

  5. Sniper elite is a good game but the vr mechanics is bad I spent most of the game trying to grap bullets and guns for any vr Devs out there making a FPS play Pavlov they have spot on

  6. The Dr. Beef ports blow every official Quest game out of the water. Those cartoony tech demos don't even compare.

  7. Sniper Elite VR? I was very disappointed with this game. Felt more like a VR port from 2005 midclass shooter.

  8. still waiting for rebellion to fix the right trigger issues on sniper elite vr

  9. you forgot the best one : Pavlov shack.

  10. A fantastic shooter that should be included on any top 10 list like this is “In Death: Unchained”. Even though it’s a bow shooter, it’s one of the best games out there and is often overlooked. With all the achievements to unlock many special arrows and power ups, this games has hundreds of hours of gameplay. This has been my main go to game for an entire year now and I still haven’t unlocked all the achievements. 😎

  11. Pirate trainer dx is definitely on fire..

  12. Population One and the glued gun to your hand is annoying as hell. Cant let the right hand off the gun and grab the gun from the front when you’re reloading example snipers.

  13. Pavlov is good and got missed but some people dont like it witch is fine

  14. so many way better shooters games not said, this isn't even top 10

  15. I'll have to leave a dislike because of the omission of Pavlov.

  16. I'm really surprised super hot vr got number one like y onward shoulda number one contractors or pavlov on sidequest

  17. Dude, I played an oculus 2 the other day, i'm hooked! just might have to buy one. Was going to wait for oculus three, but I am being impatient

  18. thats number 1? a fucking 2d nintendo 64 game?

  19. That #1 game looks like a pile of fucking trash. Lol

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