Top 10 Best OFFLINE FPS Games Like COD Mobile for iOS/Android 2022! High Graphics! [Free Download] -

Top 10 Best OFFLINE FPS Games Like COD Mobile for iOS/Android 2022! High Graphics! [Free Download]

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“Best Offline FPS Games for Android – Top 10 Offline FPS Games Like Call of Duty (Offline Games Like COD Mobile) Top Offline Games for Android Under 100mb – Offline FPS Games with Bots Android/iOS (Offline Shooting Games Like Call of Duty) High Graphics Android Games Offline (Free Download)”



Combat Master Mobile FPS
– iOS:
– Android:
(IMPORTANT: Guess what! You can play the new version offline too! Just put on Airplane Mode, and every match you go into is with bots!)

Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Games
– iOS:
– Android:

Dead Effect 2: Space Zombies
– iOS:
– Android:

BattleOps | Offline Game
– iOS: Download currently unavailable!
– Android:

The Sun: Key of Heaven (iOS Link is to The Sun: Origin)
– iOS:
– Android:

Bullet Force
– iOS:
– Android:

Project RIP Mobile Horror FPS
– iOS:
– Android:

Pixelfield – Battle Royale FPS
– iOS: No longer on the App Store, RIP… 🙁
– Android:

Bright Memory Mobile
– iOS:
– Android:

Forward Assault
– iOS:
– Android:

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a really great day. Today’s video will hopefully make it even better! I know a lot of people don’t have good, consistent internet, and they need to rely on games that don’t require any internet to operate. So, which games are the best? Which offline FPS games would I recommend? We’ll talk about my top 10 in this video!!!

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  1. Bright memory was fun until u can't play the full game because u have to buy it🙄

  2. I hope you can put a video for games similar to rust

  3. Hey exxotikgaming can pls play call of duty strike team

  4. Dont need an account but. Google play card for season pass would be awsome .

  5. Exxotik thank you, this is so interesting and helpful <3

  6. Man your camera always focus your mirror behind.

  7. Kill shot bravo is also a very good offline fps game for mobile

  8. is any offline game u have similar as halo or not?

  9. This is one of the best videos on fps games so far! thanks exxotik last night i literally struggled to sleep because i was so bored and didn't know what to do or what to play

  10. can you help me fix lag and fps drop on vivo v20 pls like how to turn off realistic shadow and turn your graphics to standard pls i need it i cant play good on my phone

  11. Oh wait I found the link but it said that it wasn't compatible for this device

  12. You can prob get combat master old version cracked ngl

  13. Pls bro scarfall is online or offline i sunscribe you

  14. combat master is just a copy of modern warfare

  15. I have played Cover Fire on my computer via Steam, and i can say the game is cool.

  16. Best offline fps mobile games are
    Modern combat 3&4
    Dead Effedct

  17. The new combat master is offline too just go to custom lobby switch on bots and you're good to go!

  18. Thanks for letting us know about these games

  19. My phone isnt compatible with bright memory mobile😭 because my phone is mediatek heleo p35

  20. You are the best at finding games offline I will enjoy this games im very excited that's why I subscribed you channel

  21. hey exxodicgaming project arrival CAME OUT TODAY ON TAPTAP !!!!! are you going to make a video about it soon and can i get a shout out please

  22. How do you get such good movement on the Combat Master game??? I downloaded and just couldn't get it going. Just wondering if maybe I missed a setting or something. You make it look really fun tbh. It's pretty too 😁 PeaCe

  23. Yeah I like the way you make vids u explain alot

  24. Too bad bright memory mobile is in chinese

  25. You should of said the best games are somewhere in the video rather than end, because that makes people want to skip to the end

  26. Hey exxoktik gaming you should try out the game project breach it's a very fun tactical offline fps

  27. I wonder what happened to bullete force rip.

  28. I recommend another world:Demo it's fun and high graphics

  29. Nice suggestions bro keep it up 💪👊

  30. The sun, imo is more of like STALKER

  31. Please Exxotik, Make a pg3d video about guns like, red twins, dual shotgun or turbo pistols

  32. Corrections:
    -Even the new Combat master is playable offline
    -Bullet force & Forward assault don’t require you to be connected to internet at first.

    Sun is a S.TA.L.K.E.R influenced game

    Thanks for the great video as always exxotik

  33. Try out the game called Modern Combat 4 Its a story mode fps game with super high graphics

  34. there's a new update in combat master can you play it exxotikgaming, im begging you

  35. I just finished Battle ops campaign and now i am bored so i am here again lol

  36. The real combat master is offline for me

  37. From my experience
    Dead effect and combat master is the best

  38. You ever heard of special forces group 2/3 idk because new update is coming in this year

  39. How did you get all the bundle in combat master pls tell me

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