Top 10 Best Xbox One Shooting Games -

Top 10 Best Xbox One Shooting Games

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Check out the best and highly-rated shooters on the Xbox One console. These are the top FPS and non-FPS shooting games of the current-gen console.

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  1. I prefer Black Ops 3 to the first one. Personally.

  2. People say that Destiny is better then halo, Destiny wasn't even on the list

  3. Halo 5 at the start was an 10/10 (i don't care campaign). After the updates (6wz limit, weapons nerfed, MMR system, the horribles and glitched IA) is now 8/10. A perfect game ruined by community and cryng nobs that made it mutilate from 343i because they hate losing.

  4. I'm surprised that starwars battlefront was 16th place

  5. wheres fifa i know its not a gun shooting game but its a ball shooting game

  6. call of duty ww2 wasn't in there why and what would it be rated by oh and what would be the player score.

  7. Gta 5 is the father of shooters even in 2017

  8. Why is the titel of german and the video of english

  9. Wow… I just bought halo 5 three days before watching this. Lol

  10. Titanfall better than Battlefield 4 ? Hahahahahahahahahahhehehehehehehehe…

  11. Put planets vs zombies battle for neighborville

  12. Sunset overdrive isnt better than cod

  13. Titan fall 2 is the best Xbox game ever and nobody can tell me utherwize

  14. One game not on here is titan fall 2 I know titan fall 1 is here can you give me the play score

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