Top 10 NEW Zombie Games of 2021 -

Top 10 NEW Zombie Games of 2021

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The zombie game genre is going strong with these new 2021 releases on PC, PS5, Xbox, Switch, and more.
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#10 Evil Dead: The Game

Platform : XSX|S XBOX ONE PS5 PS4 PC Switch

Release Date : 2021

#9 Ill

Platform: TBA.

Release Date : TBA

#8 A Way to be Dead

Platform: PC

Release Date : TBA

#7 SYNCED: Off-Planet

Platform: PC

Release Date : TBA 2021

#6 After the fall

Platform: PS4 PC

Release Date : TBA 2021

#5 The Last Stand Aftermath
Platform: PC

Release Date : Coming Soon

#4 The Day Before

Platform: PC

Release Date : TBA

#3 Resident Evil Village

Platform: PS5 PS4 Xbox One XSX|S PC

Release Date : May 7, 2021

#2 Dying Light 2

Platform : PS5 PS4 XSX|S PC XBOX ONE

Release Date : TBA 2021

#1 Back 4 Blood

Platform : PS5 PS4 XSX|S PC XBOX ONE

Release Date : June 22, 2021


Days Gone

Platform: PC

Release Date : Q2 2021

Resident Evil RE:Verse


Release Date : TBA 2021

The Red Solstice 2: Survivors

Platform: PC

Release Date : June 17, 2021

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Quarantine

Platform : XSX|S PC PS4 XBOX ONE PS5

Release Date : TBA 2021

State of Decay 3

Platform: PC

Release Date : TBA


  1. I guess these games are NEW.. hell, 90% of this list isn't even out yet.

  2. As of now gameranx has 6.66 mil subscribers

  3. There's to many Multiplayer zombie games. Where's the single player games? And console zombie games too? Besides Dying Light.

  4. bro half of the games u presented are not going out on 2021? so stupid

  5. I'm so tired of 4v1 asymmetric. There's 2 or 3 games that have actually done something interesting with it but everything else is so samey

  6. Maybe it's time to delete or update the video, don't you think? Almost December 2021 and like, none of these games have been released.. Kind of ridiculous to be honest

  7. POV: your in the comments looking for other dying light fans

  8. Is there any zombie survival game where you can actually build? so for example zombie apocalypse based game or something which also has an ability where you can build houses etc.

  9. There should be a game on what is going on right now with these Viruses…Starts off with 2020 evolving towards 2022 when all does that died come back as Zombies to an apocalyptic days? A Survival Game with Multiplayers.

  10. I am disappointed that you did not mention State of Decay 3 – Being a fan of both 1 and 2 I can't wait for 3 to pop through, hopefully in 2022

  11. the day before also coming to PS5.
    Coming to PC in 2022.

  12. i bet project ill will never be a game to play.
    someone made a cool looking video and realised that people would pay for it as a game so he saw the dollars and went for crowdfunding

  13. so, top 10 games of 2021 are… from 2022 and beyond? wow useless as usual
    pure shit i may say

  14. Back 4 blood No1……. come on its another shoot loot reload repeat…….boring, got to the ferry and quit then uninstalled it, DL2 looks good if not better than the 1st we will have to see, surprised you didnt show son of the forrest though

  15. i love zombie games, i fking love killing zombie!!!

  16. Make a split screen video of 2022 upcoming games

  17. Most of those games cant even be called zombie games, other can only be called games with zombies

  18. Interestingly enough ConArtist games also released the Last Stand Aftermath on Xbox. Though I thought it would be open for all Xbox but no, Its Series X/S exclusive.

  19. Last stand union city was soo fire as a flash game loved it.

  20. Lame… most of the games arent even out yet. how are these 2021…

  21. realistic MMO RPG is the way! At 31 im dissapointed with what they have to offer today. Not one game that can last beyond a few years where we keep starting over with just ok games, enough to distract you for a lil while until a new release comes out to pay for. If crypto makes me a billionaire i promise ill come out with the best effing zombie game that will ever exist. Until someone improves on it. Because i will make portions of it opensource too.

  22. why do you guys put games that arent even released yet?

  23. You should definitely play LifeAfter (PC version) its not a steam game but still one of my favorite of his kind 🙂

  24. I love game ranks but they really do make pointless videos sometimes 90% of the videos are click bait half these games are not even out and it’s 2022 a top 10 should be games they have played

  25. Bro this is legit the opposite of what everyone wants we want loot survival open world zombie games think skyrim or fallout but zombies in modern times

  26. I really with The Last Stand Aftermath is online. But I really love this is is like their old facebook game, Let it Die and mini dayz. There's heart in this game and the developer really loves their material and you can simply see at their lore and just playing their game it's a nostalgia bomb

  27. Wish more of these were in 3rd person. Seeing much less of that recently.

  28. i like zombie my youtube channel zombie geme paly but you best

  29. what a disappointment dying light 2 is….

  30. These all look exactly the same, to be honest.

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