TOP 15 Free FPS Games to Play Right Now! (NEW) (2024) -

TOP 15 Free FPS Games to Play Right Now! (NEW) (2024)

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Top 15 Free FPS Games of 2024, the best Free to Play FPS Steam Games for the PC. These are the top new free games that you must download in 2024, if you’re looking for a free game to play on the PC in 2024, you’re in the right place! Join the battle for glory in golden axe iii: Play online – adventure awaits.


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This is my somewhat yearly addition of the Top 15 Free to Play FPS Games to play in 2024 on Steam!

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Games included in this Top 15 Free FPS games list:

The Finals

Counter Strike 2


Operation Harsh Doorstop

Halo Infinite

Combat Master


PlanetSide 2

Anger Foot

Apex Legends

Destiny 2


Out of Action

Team Fortress 2



  1. out of a action is really cool, and it runs super smooth 240fps with simple graphics that i like

  2. shatterline is dead asf… sadly i try'd.. its very dead…

  3. I wonder what the requirements will be for out of action

  4. We can add also Splitgate, Hired Ops, OW2, Paladins, Dirty Bomb and World War 3, Forgotten Hope 2 etc…Unfortunately, 70-80% of FPS know only the Most sponsored game on steam

  5. Cmon, Planetside 2 has barely 700 people. I won't call it "large and active playerbase"

  6. old game suggestions man give us something new ! cover wzm too if you want or new PC games

  7. I played all of these but I want a new free fps game

  8. Destiny 2 is free to load up not so much free to play.

  9. Can youdo a video about UNITED 1944 ,ww2 shooter with map close quarters,looter mechanics you have a skill tree with basic gun and structure to reinforce the flag, the game is new but it needed more players there is FREE DEMO

  10. stop showing games you already showed people, guys if you like h1z1 a game called passed out is free on steam its not bad

  11. Guys hop on the finals season two is coming soo!!

  12. Is there anything else except Ironsight similar to Call of Duty FPS but fast-paced ?

  13. What about The Finals. You will have a ton of fun once you start playing it.

  14. As a combat master player can confirm it’s decent just too many bots

  15. (new 2024) tf2, planetside, apex is crazy

  16. Ironsight thriving? lol 200 players isnt thriving lmao. looks fun but lol

  17. Hey bro please someone help me, I have an Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU N3350 @ 1.10GHz, Graphics: Intel HD 500 l, Ram: 4GB. Which firing game would be best for me? Please help🙏🏻

  18. im a cs player that doesnt like to smurf in cs but rather other fps games but are there other options than valorant with a simular walking accuracy so i dont lose my cs instincts while playing?

  19. Only the real og's know UCD from down under during the combat arms top plays days.

  20. Bro, what the hell is this? Every single one of them are first person Shooters like there are no other existing Games on this Earth?
    Thats a terrible List

  21. Shatterline is absolutely amazing. I'd encourage more players to give it a shot, you will love it!

  22. for those who are going to download team fortress2 i recommend to not do it beacause it contains a lot and lot of hackers there

  23. Play War Thunder for FREE with my link and get a massive, free bonus pack including vehicles, boosters and more:
    Many thanks for watching this video! Let me know what your favourite free FPS game is in 2024

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