TOP 20 Low SPEC Free FPS Games (512 MB RAM / Intel HD Graphics / Laptop) -

TOP 20 Low SPEC Free FPS Games (512 MB RAM / Intel HD Graphics / Laptop)

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My list of the Top 20 LOW SPEC / END Free FPS Games, the best Free to Play Games for the PC. This list will go over the top 20 new Low Spec free to play games that you must download in 2020, especially if you have 512 MB VRAM, Intel HD Graphics, no graphics card or a low end laptop / PC



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Games included in this Top 20:
00:27, 00:40, 01:01, 01:21, 01:43, 02:02, 02:33, 03:01, 03:37, 04:24, 05:03, 05:55, 06:47, 07:28, 08:06, 08:44, 09:40, 10:54, 12:05, 13:00


  1. if you lag a lot just put the game on stretched res if it has black bars then open your intel HD graphics control panel and then put your display settings in fullscreen

    note: don't check the override apps

  2. Valorant WILL NOT run on those specs, at least not anymore
    Edit: Neither will Krunker and probably not CSGO either

  3. Team fortress 2 is overrun by hackers to the point where it's unplayable

  4. What was the game he was playing at first

  5. i played iron sight before i watched this video and iron sight is pretty good if you want a call of duty free type game

  6. Idk but valorant barely ran smooth on my i3 laptop. The game was so laggy on crappy graphics.

  7. Bro i download conter strike global defence but it's lag on my pc 8 gb ram intel 3i and 10 gen
    Can you tell me how to fix the lag ?

  8. my problem with low end games is most of them are copies of others ):

  9. Good on you for including Fistful of frags.

    One point of clarification though:
    It’s not that the guns are inaccurate, the accuracy is just highly dependent on movement.
    So if you shoot while running you’ll almost certainly miss, but if you stop or walk, your accuracy is pretty spot on.
    Just a mechanic you have to get used to.

  10. Sorry to say but valorant is not for low spec anymore, that is, i have a low spec laptop and i get 25 fps lock and 32 fps when in a closed space no. it might have been a low spec game but not anymore

  11. Not gonna lie but my laptop have 8GB RAM and still can't play Ironsight smoothly

  12. pov: you searched "fps games that can run on a potato "

  13. how are these for low end pcs?????? none of these games would even work on my pc

  14. Me : open browsers games -my pc: it’s enough:shouting down

  15. bro the vid is ab low spec games why did he put valorant here?

  16. pls make a video with free to play games THAT ARE NOT ON STEAM

    cuz steam slows down my pc

  17. i may have 8gb ram, but oh boy do i sure have intel HD

  18. lol i have pc that cant run valorant intel core i3 7gen

  19. bro are u dumb? ngl dude u said intel hd graphics but the paladins is for high-end-pc players not for low end pc's

  20. can you do for laptops with intel pentium?

  21. bro i got a windows surface pro 7 i3 4gb and every gameplay sucks cos i got 1.2 ghz on that mf processor

  22. lol there is valorant in this is list,low specs.

  23. My laptop can't run TF2, everything cannot run this

  24. well valorant is not is not anymore lag free for low spec😔

  25. Used to love Crossfire back in the day, but it was ruined by cheaters, microtransactions, lootboxes, stupid cartoony weapon skins and bad matchmaking (as a novice lvl player I'd constantly spawn into matches with high-level players, it was annoying!).

  26. Got any suggestions for non-online low spec fps games?

  27. bro my laptop is 4gb ram the minimum is 2gb ram but i cant even run valorant on 20 fps the maximum is 15 lol

  28. Bro this video is nothing but full of free fighting games thats it bro wth?

  29. 'Based on', not 'Based off', and learn to pronounce 'computer' (It's NOT 'Kompyooda')

  30. why does csgo run 15 fps for me and i dont even have an old pc?
    overall unplayable. Sucks cause i love it.

  31. I hate the “barely any of you are subscribed…” thing it’s so patronizing. It’s like you’re our daddy. Not subbing

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