Top 25 BEST Free Mobile Shooting Games -

Top 25 BEST Free Mobile Shooting Games

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Top 25 BEST Free Mobile Shooting Games

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  1. Warzone has 15 million pre registrations not 1 mill lol.

  2. Alpha ace, beta tests ended… waiting for news from devs…

  3. I mean I am playing NEW STATE mobile from the start. It had a rough time in the beginning. Because of that people now dont spend their time to give it a try again. But as a player who played NEW STATE this whole time i can guarantee u guys that this is one of the BEST BR games out there. It has every small thing u looking for. But still lack of map. Give them sometimes. They'll add it all soon. Sorry for my bad english. 😘😘😘

  4. Hi lm gonna try all The games on this vid ok?

  5. I recently discovered your channel and loving the content and these list of games
    Would love some emulated games list if you can i have 0 knowledge of it

  6. Really looking forward at Valorant mobile. I enjoy watching it in PC. But can’t play coz I own a MacBook. It just don’t support it lmao

  7. You should of mentioned shadow gun legends it’s a really good game and it’s got pretty good graphics aswell

  8. I dont want taptap games i want app store games.

  9. bro you should add Farlight 84 battle Royale game

  10. The Division resurgence just popped up too put that on the next list bro

  11. Critical ops has 40mil more players and yet is somehow less competitive and less popular? lol you’re a joke dude. Who gave you this platform? I hate that your videos keep getting recommended lol you’re trash reviews and a hack. Have fun with the trash Diablo immortal reviews you made. Giving reviews on games you clearly haven’t played. And then claiming to have done so lol sooo obvious. I may be a sweat who’s played all these. But at least I’m not lying to my public. You’re a obvious plant.

  12. If it not out way rate it just have just made honorable mention.

  13. Fortnite are you kidding me am gonna download it rn

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