Top 25 Best VR Shooting Games For Oculus Quest 2 -

Top 25 Best VR Shooting Games For Oculus Quest 2

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These are the best VR shooting games that you can play on your Oculus Quest 2 right now.

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The GAMES are down here!

0:00​ – Introduction

0:33​ – Best Online Games Oculus Quest 2

Population One
Grapple Tournament: Coming Soon
Dead and Buried 2
Hyper Dash

3:56 – Best Story Games Oculus Quest 2

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners
Star Wars: Tales From the Galaxy’s Edge
Sniper Elite VR
Doom 3
Arizona Sunshine

5:53 – Best Rhythm Games Oculus Quest 2

Pistol Whip

6:45 – Best Wave Based Games Oculus Quest 2

Space Pirate Trainer
Shooty Fruity
Robo Recall: Unplugged
Drop Dead: Dual Strike

8:59 – Best Archery Games Oculus Quest 2

In Death: Unchained
Elven Assassin
Apex Construct

10:02 – Best Stealth Games Oculus Quest 2

Phantom: Covert Ops
Espire 1: VR

11:02 – Honorable Mentions

Shooty Skies Overdrive
Rec Room Paintball
Gun Club VR
Death Horizon: Reloaded

11:11 – Final Thoughts

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  1. Lmfao why the fuck is the thumbnail battlefront 1 classic?

  2. I can’t believe he didn’t mention swarm in the wave shooter section it’s really fun and immersive and I recommend trying it out 🙂

  3. We need Medal of Honor Above and Beyond on Quest 2!!!!!

  4. TWD SS would be so cool if it could be multiplayer!

  5. Can you recommend which one is mission based, not arena or PVP? .

  6. Video name BEST SHOOTERS ON QUEST 2 puts doom 3 and the only be it’s available on is ps4

  7. You forgot hot dogs Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

  8. Thanks you really convinced me to get an oculus

  9. but no one plays the fps vr games now all dead 🙁

  10. Can someone tell me why population one, walking dead saints and sinners, and lies beneath not on quest 2? Is oculus quest 2 gonna come out with those games?

  11. Pavlov diden't show up pls dont tell me i need a computer

  12. i enjoy zero caliber. ita got a decent story with realistic gunplay and good multiplayer and its being constantly updated with new guns and game modes.

  13. I do not recommend solaris game litteraly takes ages for a single match and that was a month after its launch
    When you can't get any players matches or updates
    It's dead

  14. Roborecall is so good and has top tier quality for one of the oldest games. It's prob my 2nd fav next to Lone Eco which is another super high quality VR game.

  15. Apex Construct is a really cool game but playing it on PSVR was so bad cause of the terrible tracking. Might get it again on the Quest 2

  16. How come you have Pavlov but not crisis vrigade

  17. Info: Star Wars: Tale from the galaxy, in my opinion its really bad, short story and all in all its pretty bad ngl

  18. Watching Amazon prime shows in quest is amazing

  19. I bought onward but it isn’t downloading :/

  20. OMG you say world the same way I do this is amazing ive never heard anyone say it like me lmfao. im subing just bc of that.

  21. I can’t find Pavlov on the oculus! It’s not on the store and idk how to find it

  22. What about h3vr? Ik its more of a sim, but has some of the best vr guns out there

  23. downloading robo recall right now, so excited to play it!

  24. hey i was wondering how you got the bioshock big daddy statue in the backround?

  25. Pavlov shack is free version of Pavlov vr very good game

  26. What about looter shooter VR games? Something you can play with an infinite end game.

  27. All of these are fake I tried him in the cause of money liar

  28. I just got a quest vr a month ago all because of the videos on your channel and bro I love my vr and your videos thanks for teaching me about vr

  29. Waiting for the day HHH comes to quest 2 without a pc connection.

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