TOP 25 FPS Games on Nintendo Switch ! -

TOP 25 FPS Games on Nintendo Switch !

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This video is about top 25 FPS (first person shooter) games on Nintendo Switch that is available now and you can buy it today!

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  1. Whoever is playing these games is terrible lol


  3. These all look so bad to me. Idk I felt like before even 2000 this type of game was getting old.

  4. Hello please best open world car games for Nintendo switch

  5. Who the heck was playing journey to the savage planet ??

  6. Who the heck was playing journey to the savage planet ??

  7. I love your videos!!! Could you do another video on the top 25 TPS (third person shooter) on the Nintendo switch? Please and thank you!

  8. I completed dying light on the switch, but now post main story the game always crashes. I uninstalled it. Otherwise the game works amazingly.

  9. I wish they would add Aubrey Hodges Doom soundtrack to Doom 1 & 2.

  10. Dang, no The Outer Worlds? Definitely awesome on the switch.

  11. All The Best FPS Are From Bethesda

  12. Void Bastards is a terribly unforgiving unfair game. I would hold off. You might be able to put it on Easy, I don’t remember, but do you want to do that or do you like to play the game as it was meant to be played?

  13. wolfenstein II New Colossus is tits. Very realistic and load times aren’t bad at all. But not for the faint of heart for damn sure

  14. Crysis looks pretty decent. Maybe I should give that a whirl.

  15. 0:10 Call Of Jarez (Metacritic Score 72)
    1:19 Overwatch (Metacritic Score 73)
    2:19 Paladins (Metacritic Score 74)
    3:19 Immortal Redneck (Metacritic Score 74)
    4:19 Bulletstorm (Metacritic Score 74)
    5:19 Hypercharge Unboxed (Metacritic Score 74)
    6:20 The Persistence (Metacritic Score 75)
    7:20 Ion Fury (Metacritic Score 77)
    8:20 Void Bastards (Metacritic Score 78)
    9:23 Journey (Metacritic Score 78)
    10:23 Dying Light (Metacritic Score 78)
    11:23 Duke Nukem (Metacritic Score 78)
    12:24 Wolfenstein 2 (Metacritic Score 79)
    13:24 Boomerang X (Metacritic Score 80)
    14:25 Crysis 2 (Metacritic Score 80)
    15:25 Doom Eternal (Metacritic Score 80)
    16:26 Doom 3 (Metacritic Score 81)
    17:26 Borderlands (Metacritic Score 82)
    18:27 Doom 1993 (Metacritic Score 83)
    19:28 Superhot (Metacritic Score 84)
    20:28 Bioshock Collection (Metacritic Score 84)
    21:30 Metro 2033 Redux (Metacritic Score 86)
    22:31 Quake Remastered (Metacritic Score 87)
    23:29 Dusk (Metacritic Score 89)
    24:36 Neon White (Metacritic Score 89)

  16. Any of these games have active multi player? Or is warface the only choice?

  17. Amo la swich lite como tener un game boy moderno

  18. Most of these are the same from the video u drop 2 years ago good to see how much switch is slacking

  19. Dying light is not really a shooting game . It's more survival horror!!!

  20. thank you, i bought void bastards because of this video and can say it is one of the best plays by far for me

  21. all of us want call of duty on the switch
    specially the og games and warzone
    it would get call of duty more love and money and fans
    and i would like to see call of duty mw3 and 2 on the switch my all time favourite cod games
    hopefully they do it

  22. very anonymous list, the games arrived without criteria, Switch looks like a trash can

  23. I play pandils that game is so fun! And he is using rauem I think

  24. This is a poor amount of fps games.
    Very average.
    Nintendo need to up their game!

  25. So they’re loading lever actions with a side gate from the bottom like a shotgun huh, lol? Missed opportunity to add realistic fundamentals to the game. That would’ve been a simple mechanic to make it correct.

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