TOP 35 Free FPS Games to Play Right Now! (Steam) -

TOP 35 Free FPS Games to Play Right Now! (Steam)

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Top 10 Free FPS Games, the best Free to Play Steam Games for the PC. These are the top new free games that you must download in 2023 and beyond, if you’re looking for a free game to play on the PC, you’re in the right place!


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This is my somewhat yearly addition of the Top 35 Free to Play FPS Games to play in 2023 on Steam!

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Games included in this Top 35 Free FPS games list:

Counter-Strike 2


World War 3



Overwatch 2


The Finals

Apex Legends



Team Fortress 2

Warzone 2

Destiny 2


Black Squad

Planetside 2

Super People 2


Hellbound: Survival Mode

Operation Harsh Doorstop

World Boss

Hired Ops

Banana Shooter

Quake Champions


Anger Foot


Totally Accurate Battlegrounds



Gundam Evolution

The Cycle Frontier


Sector’s Edge


  1. i'd love to see another free games list like this but games that actually have a playbase

  2. What happened to combat arms 😢

  3. super people company is bankrupt dont instal the game is in a horrible state

  4. Is it me, or does 'The Finals' have a Combat Arms vibe?

  5. I am soo exited for new remake/update of cs:go

  6. XDefiant is the next best free to play COD game btw

  7. Just upgraded to a desktop from a crummy little office laptop that couldn't run any big games. Decided today to look up what fps games are hot, and came across this video 2 hours after release. I think the stars are aligning and life will be good now.

  8. Great list bro! Cycle frontier and ironsight would do awesome on console

  9. i know all of it already and i played almost all of it

  10. Have you heard of the critically-acclaimed MMORPG FINAL FANTASY XIV ?

    With an expanded free trial which you can play through the entirety of A Realm Reborn,

    and the Heavensward expansion up to level 60 for FREE with no restrictions on playtime.

  11. Gunman evolution is region locked if you not a part of NATO

  12. For CS GO if you want drop and no hackers must have prime with is 15 eu

  13. Warframe may not be FPS but is still deserves the mention

  14. why are you comparing hired ops to games that came out later than it. hired ops was created long before tarkov was even a thing lol. all hired ops is is just a updated contracted wars, fundamentally nothing has changed and its basically the same game with some minor improvements.

  15. Thank goodness Combat Arms is not on this list anymore 😂

  16. you didnt mention ''Caliber' which is now available on Steam

  17. i keep trying to get into WW3 but the severs are still a major issue. Its hard to hop on and enjoy a match when people are teleporting across screen and random spikes where everyone freezes for like 10 seconds.

  18. enlisted would be fun if the progression wasn't fucking awful and slow

  19. Destiny 2, while technically free, doesn't offer up much towards the new light crowd.

    Unlike Pre-beyond light which had a shit ton of free content for the new light player base to consume, if you're a new light, you aren't gonna experience alot of what destiny has to offer if you don't fork out the cash for the dlcs.

    are the dlcs worth it ? depends, beyond light offers stasis which is pretty fun, shadowkeep was just fine imo but it is a reskin, and witch queen is probably the best dlc outside of forsaken that Destiny 2 offered up.

    But do be warned, you will need to put down some cash at some point to experience the game, the way it's intended

  20. You missed: Rogue Company, Veiled Experts, Caliber, The Wall, Rawmen

  21. mate, i'm PRETTY SURE Roblox isen't avaible on steam

  22. Thanks for talking about Paladins and Sector's Edge, they really deserve more.

  23. I wish sector's edge had a larger playerbase

  24. there is no CS2 exist yet on steam and you used some games as "best free games on steam" but they are exist on Epicgames or other plateform…

  25. Apex is not inspired by Titanfall bro XD
    It's the continuity of the story

  26. Ironsight is a good game but its still suffering from their bad netcode or its their servers.

  27. This guys videos are always the same…same old tired games that are total shit

  28. why every single game is only shoting pls do other type of games

  29. the positive comments 80% are bots

  30. Your infantile obsession with "fast paced" shooters is irritating at best. Aren't there any more options of shooters? "normal" paced? tactical? less infantile or fantastic? everything for you have to be the usual, jumpy jumpy, slidy slidy, acrobatics BS? anything else, a little more realistic?

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