Top 5 Best Minecraft Shooting Games Available Online

Top 5 Best Minecraft Shooting Games Available Online

Like any other entertainment medium, gaming undergoes constant transformations. While some trends come and go, others create huge waves and spawn countless clones. And occasionally, a unique phenomenon comes along that changes the face of the entire industry. One such example was Mojang’s survival sim. Gamers quickly realized the potential behind its creative aspects. The now-signature blocky look spread like wildfire and became standard for numerous indie projects. Unfortunately, the original was not particularly action-oriented. But other companies have been working hard to fill that gap. Today, there are plenty of good Minecraft shooting games with cool mechanics. In fact, their assortment is so diverse that newcomers might get overwhelmed with options. This article narrows the choice down to five excellent contenders. Read the descriptions and see if any of them appear promising.

Low Poly and Proud

So, what is it that unites the wide variety of releases below? First and foremost, it is that unmistakable style and voxel-based visual design. Essentially, it means that the environments and the majority of models consist of chunky cubes. The idea is that graphics are among the least important elements of a great adventure. Developers have already proven that multiple times. Without further ado, let us summarize the titles and their distinctive features.

A solid entry that combines several classic modes in one compelling package. Become the last man standing in Battle Royale by scavenging for gear across the island. Alternatively, team up with other players and capture the enemies’ gems. Experiment with loadouts and purchase optional cosmetic upgrades for different types of weapons.

A somewhat similar FPS with an impressive following. It offers comprehensive character customization and a number of detailed maps. Participate in intense tournaments taking place in memorable locations. Navigate snowy towns, abandoned lumber mills, and archaeological sites. Use a powerful arsenal of guns to come out on top in every combat situation.




This zombie shooter is an outstanding alternative for those who prefer solo campaigns. Annihilate hordes of flesh-eating monsters walking towards the protagonist through tall grass. Seek shelter in empty buildings or construct barricades using wood and other materials. Find better equipment lying around the area to withstand the onslaught.

A fresh twist on the formula that adds verticality into the mix. Explore a large stage filled with interesting details. Dig tunnels and build ladders to create additional routes and passageways. Throw sticks of dynamite around to wreak havoc on the surroundings. Perform precise headshots and search fallen opponents for extra loot.

Perhaps, the most engaging item on the list. Join regular- or team-deathmatch servers and defeat rivals in ranged and close-quarters encounters. Memorize every corner of the well-thought-out levels. Demonstrate unbelievable feats of mobility by parkouring like a pro. Earn precious coins and spend them on treasure chests at the store.


It is worth pointing out that the aforementioned products have a universal appeal. Their intentionally primitive exterior conceals truly awesome gameplay that both fans and beginners will appreciate.

How to Play Minecraft Shooting Games without Installation

Simplified assets, minimalist forms, and low-res textures grant an unintended advantage of superior performance. Pretty much all modern devices are capable of outputting a sharp-looking picture at high framerates. Coupled with HTML5 protocols, that allows users to run complex programs in a browser window. To give the suggestions above a try, simply launch them in Chrome or Firefox. Both clients support hardware acceleration that ensures an even smoother experience. No need to download any files and store them locally. Just type in the name of the destination website and enjoy the ride. Play free Shell Shockers at

There are many competitive arenas on the market right now but they are often pricey. Meanwhile, fun Minecraft shooting games cost absolutely nothing and come in all shapes and sizes. Be sure to check them out and they will not disappoint.