TOP 5 FIRST PERSON SHOOTER 3DS GAMES! - FPS / Shooter Games for 3DS! -


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Today we countdown the TOP 5 First Person Shooter Games on the Nintendo 3DS! Enjoy!

5.Real Heroes Fire Fighter 3D
4.Blast’Em Bunnies
3.Dementium: The Ward
2.Metroid Prime: Federation Force

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  1. Broski Plays I don't know if u have heard of this one game for the three ds… It's called, um, CALL OF DUTY!!!!!!

  2. Killzone mercenary is far better than anything here

  3. Question: How long until nintendo kills the 3ds, like they did the wii-u?

  4. I cant find Moon Chronicles in the E-Shop am i stupid or what is the problem?

  5. Any games like contra or goldeneye out there? Can’t find a good shooter!

  6. This guy sounds like some dumbass i work with smfh

  7. so basically the best Moon and Dementium are just remakes of same DS games. So litterally 3ds does not have any good fps game 🙂

  8. The only real good fps for the 3ds is the cfw doom

  9. Hey dicknose. Dementium isn't a 3DS game. It just works in them

  10. IronFall is a shooter but is not first person, it’s third person.

  11. Disliked this video because I couldn't understand a damn thin he or she was saying

  12. FPS means First Person Shooter.
    Not First Person View like being a fire fighter where you don’t use a gun.

  13. There's only 2 games on this list that are actually shooters. The other 3 don't count. Blast 'Em Bunnies because it's boring.
    The #5 one and Dementium don't count becuase while they have shooting, it's not what they are about.

  14. What about the Call of Duty games they have them on the Nintendo 3 DS

  15. So there are only three good first person shooters on the 3DS, and two of them are enhanced DS ports from Renegade Kid.

  16. 3/5 of these aren't 3DS games, they are remastered NDS games. Federation force is a joke chibi version of Metroid and then that bunny game is like… wut? Shame because the 3DS had so much potential for First Person. 3D environments, stylus aiming, dual joysticks and gyroscopic aiming. What a waist. I literally don't think there's been a single system since literally the GBA that hasn't had ONE decent first person shooter.

  17. Please top 10 fps 3ds !!! Oh wait …… top 5 is all fps for 3ds lol

  18. Kids games, Nintendo 3DS and Switch is a joke, glad I bought a Vita instead although it's discontinued for now but at least I can play some real games

  19. They should port the old TimeSplitters 2 to the 3DS!! We need more FPS on this thing.

  20. you missed about two Resident Evil games and one not so well known called iron fails invasion

  21. Dementium 1&2 is the best fps ,3 moon 4 metriod prime hunters, and "ROOKIE" BEST OPEN WORLD FOR DS

  22. The 3DS is excellent, i'm still playing mine. But this is one of its rare default compared to the DS for me : Not a single decent FPS, this video proved it…
    This also meant the tactile screen didn't really showed it's full potential neithern like in Metroid Prime Hunters.

  23. BRUH WHERE THE HECK IS MGS3: Snake Eater 3D?

  24. First person shooter not just SHOOTER games.

  25. Do you know what a 3DS and a SHOOTER IS? I expected COD style games for the 3ds (not ds).

  26. Me, an young firefighter with a 3ds, without knowing the existense of a fucking firefighters game: :0

  27. You do realize that all the games you mentioned are DS games NOT 3DS games. Smh. Bad research.

  28. best is probably call of duty 3ds and dementium remasted

  29. Dementium and Moon barely count when they are remakes of DS games

  30. Question to anyone who has the time to answer. Anyone know if Moon Chronicles has New 3DS controls?

  31. Can you play moon chronicles using a circle pad add on?

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