Top 5 LOOTER SHOOTER Games of 2022 (Most Anticipated) -

Top 5 LOOTER SHOOTER Games of 2022 (Most Anticipated)

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Top 5 Most Anticipated Looter Shooter games (or looter shooter like games) of 2022! Its looking like a very promising year. Hope you guys enjoy the video! If you do, be sure to like, comment and subscriberino

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  1. I expected Redfall to be on the list but still great video

  2. "No particular order" …. riiiiiggghhhhtt

  3. so the day before is basically the last of us

  4. 2022 is going to be a good year for the genre

  5. Bruh I love that you included wonderlands on the list. When watching this I didn’t even think borderlands games would be included 🤣

  6. If you told me project magnum was Outriders i'd believe it lmao.. I wonder if it's going to die even faster than that garbage shitshow, we'll see!

  7. The Day Before looks just like the survivor mode for The Division

  8. When I googled arc raiders it said its only going to be released for ps5 Xbox series x and pc

  9. Idk why you put lost ark on the list it’s not a looter shooter

  10. The most realistic looter shooter simulation is available right now. It's called Chicago.

  11. Destiny and wonderlands look great but the others are third person,not my thing

  12. only really care about Tina and Destiny. don't care about outriders since it is easily my most hated game of all time

  13. I think you missed one leaving out Dying Light 2.

  14. im not a huge fan of looter shooters borderlands being an exception. But this 2022 I'll be playing the sht out of Wonderlands. And Elden Ring I've never being so hyped.

  15. Yes, I am getting Tiny Tina's Wonderlands.
    I'll probably try out Arc Raiders as I can try it free of charge.
    But I am skeptical about all those other titles as to me who played Destiny 1 and 2 and Outriders made me lose all faith in looter shooters that aren't made by Gearbox.
    I do love Warframe wich I place in a similar place as a looter shooter although they have their own unique way of doing things.

  16. Wait. Tiny Tina, Delayed release for steam? Did I hear that right.

  17. The day befor looks like the last of us, I thought you was going to say "developed by naughty dog"

  18. I hope they don't ruin these games by imposing multiplayer on them.The survival aspect also ruins them.

  19. Neat… a good amount of those look more interesting than borderlands. Seems like we're gonna have a lot of solid options next year.

  20. I need a video for….what the hell am I gonna play before March 25! I don’t think I can play Borderlands 3 more months

  21. Wait what there are even 5 expected?
    Thats good

  22. Awesome can't wait I loves me some Loota Shootaz! Most excited for REDFALL I love Arkane Studios.

  23. Ain't hyping on anticipated shit, ain't boarding that cyberpunk ship ever again lmao

  24. Idk if a looter thats not borderlands could scratch that itch for me but it really comes down to replay ability and all the little small details that makes rng fun. Hopefully we get back to a parts system in bl4 thats not so diverse cuz it makes console a whole different world when we cant save edit peregrines and things that are just too hard to find good double triple rolled class mods and artifacts

  25. Never played destiny 2, didn't realize it was a first person shooter!
    Hell, I'm gonna give it a shot!
    "No punt intended"

  26. The Day Before has very strong TLOU vibes. And they're clearly running Naughty Dog's engine as the shooting, healing & crafting mechanics are all basically identical. The dev's must either be a subsidiary or bought the rights.

  27. I think we're being loose with the "looters shooter" label. Destiny is thr only game that falls in that category and it's barely. Destiny is mainly a ARPG with an FPS combat system.

  28. Looter shooters are among my favorite genre of games. My top most played games are destiny 2 and the borderlands games. Gotta say though, borderlands will always be the king!

  29. I’ve said this so many times….Star Ship Trooper!!!!! We need this

  30. "number 1 spot in no particular order" come on, lets be honest here, tiny tina's wonderlands is definitely number 1. but gotta say the day before has me intrigued.

  31. I'm very much looking forward to Tiny Tina's Wonderland, but Andy Sandberg providing some voice overs is not exactly a draw for me, unless, of course, I get to kill off his characters. lol

  32. Yo I think this would be a really dope series, “this game is like” just you reviewing and comparing games that are alike or really similar. I think that would go crazy 🔥

  33. Seems like new shooters are becoming more and more 3rd person. I just dont like 3rd. Hopefully you can alternate views. Lost arc doesn't look like a shooter. Bad moxsy

  34. How many beside the Borderlands spin off are First Person? I know it limits me but I just can’t do third person.

  35. Lost Ark reminds me of Diablo and Tera at the same time games gonna be sick 🥶❤️

  36. Project Magnum looks like an updated version of a PS3 game that I played years ago called Defiance.

  37. As a Destiny Main and a Borderlands secondary main, I highly recommend Destiny to Borderlands players and Borderlands to Destiny players. Both are very different but have their own amazingly fun ways to play and things to do. Witch Queen seems like it's going to be huge for Destiny, and at the same time Wunderlands will be big for the Borderlands franchise. Destiny players are already used to swords for dedicated melee and we do have the glaive coming, Wunderlands will be the first introduction to dedicated melee and working it into builds. Can't wait for both and would absolutely love to see players of either game trying the other.

  38. Thanks Mox, very, very excited for Wonderlands.
    I'm really excited to enjoy and experience that.

    Though I'll be waiting for the Steam version.

    Happy holidays dude🙂

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