TOP 5 NEW Tactical FPS Games Coming To Console And PC 2022 All New Tactical Shooter Games -

TOP 5 NEW Tactical FPS Games Coming To Console And PC 2022 All New Tactical Shooter Games

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TOP 5 NEW Tactical FPS Games Coming To Console And PC 2022 All New Tactical Shooter Games

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  1. Sadly mw2 is not fantastic or very tactical 🙃

  2. Man I was with yeah till MW2, sorry COD isn't worth 70 bucks!!!

  3. How you gonna put the first game on the list as a PC only on a coming to console list😂

  4. When it's one person that made the game by themselves, that's when you know they DEDICATED AND ONE OF THE REAL ONES

  5. I hope we get some better tactical shooters on console, cause I really want to play them but my pc is dogshit and I don’t have the money to upgrade it.

  6. why dont we have games free that are like squad or arma 3 i mean we have project reality but its hard on new players

  7. Thanks for giving me free games I can play when they get released

  8. That was a hell of a windshield protection at 4:55 – a freakin' tank ran over a car and it all stayed intact 🙂

  9. MW2? This is the LEAST tactical fps you could ever play!

  10. Putting CoD in the category of tactical shooter is like calling 8bit Mario an open world RPG with photorealistic graphics.

  11. Insurgency: Sandstorm should be on this list.

  12. World war 3 is the only thing i want next for console and a major update for sandstorm and I will be happy. Other games are dope though.

  13. Can't wait for Six Days In Fallujah and WW3, Safeguard looks intriguing as well, I'm currently loving Insurgency Sandstorm on Series S, Don't trust CoD anymore though, Haven't enjoyed CoD in 8-9 years, I was hyped for MW2019 and ended up absolutely hating that game

  14. WW3 on console, appreciate that it is a way off yet but very excited to play a BF style game again. I am not buying the new COD to only enjoy one or two modes, too expensive. I will stick with Insurgency Sandstorm and Hell Let Loose for now.

  15. i played the boundary open beta, it dosent belong on that list. its cod fast paced, and can have goofy skins, not to mention looks like they will also rely on a battle pass system as well

  16. You put a cod on a tactical shooter's vid. Bro… lol

  17. Wideo about hell let loose on console will be nice 👍!

  18. I feel like CoD is more of a superhero game now than a tactical shooter. You can run at superhuman speed with superhuman ability’s, and zap enemies with superhuman weapons that fire frickin laser beams!

    I guess we shall see if it deserves a place on the list next to some of these others.

  19. Boundary looks so awesome. Unfortunately multi-player has ruined gaming. They could have made one hell of a campaign with this, instead it's just a waste of time

  20. ❤️ Hermosa eleccion 4.FO/Elizeid de mejor

    1 (elecciones ) 9.9/10 2 ( culturales ) 9.7/10

    Son unos de los mejores conciertos

    , no-puede-ir-pero-de-tan-solo verlos

    desde pantalla,, se que estuvo

    Sorprendente .

  21. Hey dude I think farm 51 fixed the WW3 game server's but lit video !

  22. Can you do s vid on best VR Tatical Shooters most realistic and future to games

  23. I just really want like he’ll let loose and squad to come to all consoles😢

  24. I just stumbled over this page. Thank you for showing off my game !

  25. "Top 5 Tactical FPS" and No.1 is Call of Duty 🤣. This guy has no idea what tactical is.

  26. Arma reforger is the first game I’ve been able to hardcore role play on console. It’s by far the best and fresh experience that’s been added to console

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