Top 5 Shooting Games coming to Mobile -

Top 5 Shooting Games coming to Mobile

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Top 5 Shooting Games coming to Mobile

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  1. Love watching your videos , please make more videos on Clash of Clans ❤️

  2. All of those games I am looking forward to playing. Will be interesting to see which one becomes Number one

  3. To be honest, none atm. I'll wait for DI comes around the corner. I don't want to start invest time into something when i know on forehand that DI will be the only game i'm gonna play. So nah, i rather wait a few months.

  4. Rogue company will come to mobile too😀

  5. How is Valorant coming out on mobile before console

  6. Can’t wait to see these games in action although I plan to mainly play DI for a long while

  7. Looking forward to apex mobile, battlefield mobile. Those both look good. I am still looking forward to diablo immortal.waitng for it to be globally released. Thank you for the video echo.

  8. hope they don't botch Battlefield mobile like Battlefield 2042. I'm playing Gaurdian Tales when I'm not on Skylore Online or Star Wars Skywalker

  9. This guy only recommends games that pay him… He’s a Sellout

  10. Btw echo when you were first introducing valorant mobile you actually showed gameplay of it's rip off called project m. Valorant mobile IS NOT project m, they are made by a company that also ripped of league of legends (mobile legends bang bang) and both games have exact replicas of the riot games versions. The company has also ripped off pubg by making rules of survival and gets away with it die to china's severe lack of copyright rules

  11. Smily পুতিন কাক্কু says:

    Come back in clash of clans

  12. Prince Xian de la cruz De la Cruz home says:

    I have a question for u echo gaming when did u release this video?… because i want it now!!!*pov the games i want is apex legends since i ijstall it already and battlefield mobile i have not,played it yet and valorant mobline not yet too and rainbow six not yet played too i can,t wait to,play it!!!

  13. When did Rainbow six siege is available on mobile???

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