Top 5 Tactical Shooters You MUST Try -

Top 5 Tactical Shooters You MUST Try

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Top 5 Tactical Shooters You MUST Try

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00:00 – Intro
00:32 – #1 Squad
01:50 – #2 Arma 3
03:20 – #3 Zero Hour
04:48 – #4 Hell Let Loose
06:05 – #5 Insurgency Sandstorm

1. Squad
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2. Arma

3. Zero Hour
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4. Hell Let Loose
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5. Insurgency Sandstorm
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  1. What about rising storm 2 Vietnam?

  2. I love to just come online and play 1-2h some tactical shooter. Insurgency Sandstorm ticks that box. I only play hardcore checkpoint, as I like the slower movement and more tactical approach. The others are still tactical but it's more running around.

  3. Ground Branch is an ugly indie game. I don't wanna play a game that looks from 2010 era, with characters where the body shape is all whack etc.

  4. Дружній американець says:

    This might sound like a stupid question…but it Arma strictly a keyboard game or do you also play with a controller?

  5. then ready or not came along and blew zero hour out the window 😀

  6. I’m sorry even though you mentioned it I am personally offended you didn’t recommend PS….. seriously though as of now I would recommend PS especially with the new update

  7. You get a sub just because you’re the first you tuber who got 4/5 games i was looking for that I forgot about

  8. SLAM - прохожу только доделанные игры! says:

    What's wrong with the Sandstorm?

  9. You didn’t mention that Arma 3 requires you to have a really good cpu and gpu

  10. That shadow company thumbnail looks so tasty

  11. December 2021: Ground Branch, Ready or not, Insurgency Sandstorm

  12. I'm new to pc and I'm getting one for my birthday. Just need to know how to get this game? Do I download it or can I buy the actual disc? And I'm not familiar with steam,do I need steam?

  13. Where's socom? I mean, if you can run games like Insurgency Sandstorm, Arma 3 and Squad, with good graphics and smooth, you can play a 2002 game in ps2 emu

  14. SQUAD sucks only because of the people that act like they know how to lead just gabbing through the mic just to be heard

  15. u are Just Listing Your Favourite games not the top games

  16. I cant get in to a quick match on zero hour has it died ?

  17. Karmakut: games you should try!

    all the games: give us 50 dollars or 20 dollars so you can play us

  18. zero hour look like call of duty modern warfare

  19. What map is been showen in the Sandstorm part of the video? I have never seen it although i play this game for quite a long time now.

  20. Sandstorm is the shit ! Can’t believe COD didn’t make list they really went down hill

  21. I love tactical shooters, cant fucking stand mil simmers,

  22. I love Ground Branch from a tactical standpoint along with realism, however it’s still early and isnt very popular. Arms 3 is next level with so much immersion minus the graphics but I can’t seem to find big scale campaigns like the ones I see on YT so I’m not sure how popular it is still. I love Squad and can get into big games but it isn’t as immersive from a gear standpoint and different missions types although it is a great front lines style sim. I am playing Read or Not which is more running and gunning house clearing which is awesome, but am looking woild benefit from having more available gear and types plus larger scale maps with more people… am really just looking for maximum mildum like Arma 3 with how much there is but more popular.

  23. zero hour is just what I've been looking for.

  24. Ground Branch… Ground Branch… Ground Branch

  25. Are all of these on PC because I have a xbox

  26. Os zéro hour better than ready or not ?

  27. Squad will never be released on the ps4,pat,xbox1 or xbox series x

  28. Squad is awesome because most of the players are grown-ups. So most of them are very welcoming and friendly to noobs. Except if you're a selfish idiot who refuse to take the tutorial and went it raw with COD knowledge

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