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Unity ML-Agents 1.0 – A.I. Shooting Game (FULL WALKTHROUGH)

Sebastian Schuchmann
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Unity’s ML-Agents Machine Learning framework is a great way to get started with the topic. Many people have requested a shooting style game, so here it is.

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I have created a Discord Channel for everybody wanting to learn ML-Agents. It’s a place where we can help each other out, ask questions, share ideas, and so on. You can join here:


  1. Hello everybody! I have created a Discord Channel for everybody wanting to learn ML-Agents. It's a place where we can help each other out, ask questions, share ideas, and so on. You can join here: https://discord.gg/wDPWsQT

  2. That kiwi guy making friends is now everywhere.
    Thank you for the video, it was fun to watch!

  3. Really great channel! Could you make an agent which doesn't use raycasts?

  4. soooo good!! Time to revamp good old visual studio 😀Thanks for videos like this one!

  5. Very unique content 😀 Fully watched & liked. New friend here to stay. Thanks!

  6. Great content, you should do a video on training agents in teams like the two vs two soccer demo!

  7. Your tutorials are really good man! You should consider making videos on other aspects of Machine Learning too (that is, stuff other than Unity ML). Looking forward to more content from you!

  8. Just wanted to say thanks for teaching me MLAgents. I made my own model and upload it to the unity3d subreddit where it's the top post right now. I mentioned you in the comments as well.

  9. Hello Hindsight Sebastian … LOL !! Great videos, can't wait to see more.

  10. Thank you so much for this content! I got a little stuck trying to follow along, is it possible for you to share your code?

  11. can you explain ML-Agents from scratch like working of every single line of code for ML agents…..because they are a little bit confusing

  12. Hi Sebastian, We are working on a similar concept and we have used your source code. But when we built the system with two Enemies and one Agent we are facing an issue.
    The Agent is not responding to x translation and z translation. We have actually replicated the code but we're not able to figure it out. But when we tried to open your project and check we found out it is working. So can you please suggest what could be an issue like where we might have gone wrong when replicating?
    Because of the same issue we're not able to train the agent properly as the x translation and z translation not updating the rewards are not great.
    Thank you!!

  13. hey Sebastian, Your video is amazing. I have made this simulation; everything works except one problem. My shooting agent has only rotations motion but no translational motion. But when I use your GitHub repo it's working well. I have used the same code with little tweaks. If you have time, please help me with it.

  14. Sebastian, please give a link to download this project! I want to make an animation for vitroalnoy reality.

  15. I have a question: you teach about adding gail to the training_config.yaml config file, but there are more config file in ml agent in Ml unity library ,gail_config.yaml file what that gail file for?

  16. Great Channel, I am unity3d developer. I am enjoying your work. Keep it Up

  17. Thanks for your videos !! Good Job ! I want to learn more about ML using unity 😀 !

  18. Hello !

    I am challenging an FPS video game and I want my enemies to chase me. My enemies would be my agents, but how can I modify your code so that my enemies train to follow me?

  19. Hey Sebastian, Can you provide me a suggestion to improve my project, I have created a similar environment where the agent has to rotate, point towards the approaching enemy and also shoot it. But here the agent doesn't stop shooting, I have added a negative reward of 0.03 at initial trials then I increased the value to -0.5, still it shoots continuously. Do you have any suggestions?

  20. bro please reply, i actually am learning ML, so is it necessary for me to use unity, can't i use unreal???

  21. Hi Sebastian, great content thanks!
    I've one question, when you moved from one level to another (example from static agent/enemy to moving agent enemy, etc.)
    Did you load the old traning model or did you restart training from a new model ?

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  23. AHHH! I cannot see what code you are writing or find it on github so hard to follow!

  24. Watching on 0.25 Speed and still struggling to follow anything haha, great video but would love to see something more like a tutorial 🙂

  25. you should have added a penilty/ reward for ammo used. to help stop the spinning random firing trying to hit a target

  26. Is it possible to have these 3D raycasts be…well…3D? As in to be able to also detect height, since most games arent exactly only on a flat plane. Perhaps in the latest versions of ML Agents?

  27. I love the interjection 'Hindsight Sebastian here' 🙂

  28. משרד המלחמה says:

    ML agents are team vs team?

  29. Hi, I am deligthed to have found your channel and this video as I am trying to do a very similar curiculum learning (for a 2D version of an arena same as yours).

    I am using a camera with a top down view, but unfortunately my model is not improving at all.
    I am using 2 continuous actions for the AI to move its pointer on the screen as X,Y variables, and a last continuous action for the shoot decision.

    I'll keep trying to see if I can find something that works.

    If you ever want to try and make an AI playing the game through a top down camera sensor (or 3rd person for a 3D game), I'd be very interested 🙂 !

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