VALORANT Fake Voice Lines -

VALORANT Fake Voice Lines

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  1. Idiota, u have full hp, 2 sec from defuse and u stop defusing? Not skill issue, brain issue.

  2. You could have sticked it if u were 100 hp couse of the progress

  3. Bruh even if it was real you couldn’t gotten that defuse off

  4. blud is against pheonix whats he thinkingg

  5. Bro you have an orb just throw it down and defuse ffs

  6. We need a character with an ability that lets you listen to enemy comms

  7. I know it’s staged but why did you stop defusing you had enough time to defuse without dying. Cant blame anyone that does this or the unpaid actors

  8. I would have stuck it because you were about to defuse it

  9. nice acting bro and u could have stuck it ur full hp

  10. this is the most skill issue thing I have ever seen, just stick it

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