valorant isnt a shooting game -

valorant isnt a shooting game

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i post daily low elo valroant content

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA Just because of the WHaT Te Fuk Im subscribing your axcent is actually the best thing Ive heard

  2. Once I got ace with just knife, with breach in iron, they were clueless I was killing their teammate just next to them.

  3. As a Breach main, this dude is using his util really well for his rank surprisingly. Is he actually Iron?

  4. When this blows up, I’ll be here laughing because I was here first

  5. valorant in south london:

  6. Bro I love your videos and I want to play with youuu do u play in Singapore ?

  7. sound in this video is like wahhh uhhh ywaaaaa wttttttttttttttttttt whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  8. Iron 1 to bronze 2 is just crouch spraying lol

  9. bro porbably got hundreds of kills with the knife

  10. How's that happening? In Hongkong server, Bronze player always hit me on the head even when they are running.

  11. All right i think we all agree that the best part about these are the screams

  12. bro what server do you play on, how do you get matched up like this lmaoooo

  13. Bro ur channel is growing! keep up the fun videos

  14. now i realise i have a friend who sounds just like you

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