VIRTUAL REALITY SNIPER & SPOTTER! - Onward Gameplay feat. HouseGamers -

VIRTUAL REALITY SNIPER & SPOTTER! – Onward Gameplay feat. HouseGamers

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  1. You could do this more successfully in Pavlov VR since you can get 8x scopes separately and use them as binos


  3. I love watching this kind of sniping in battlefield or vr shooters cuz it fits the game. But in cod?? If anyone agrees that cods maps are too small for camping with a sniper say I. And those who think quickscoping is the OG cod way and the only way then u know wassup

  4. This game has so much potential. Just got my quest 2 and got this first…the issue I have is how small the maps are. It's all CQB basically. Also the AI just run at you with no concern for their own well being. Kind of silly cause you can basically get a 2-man team with both using M249's and lock down a building and win the match cause the AI just funnel to you. Really hoping they improve the AI and increase map size.

  5. When you try to reload the sniper im glad im left handed

  6. Here's a tip to make the scope of the sniper a bit bigger use virtual stock it positions it in a good spot for you

  7. How does he have volleyball weapons but marsoc ski

  8. Is There A Way I Can Sound So Smart Like Drewski?

  9. I got my first quest two for Christmas today and immediately got onward very fun, have any tips for first time vr?

  10. The only thing bad about these games is that you have to have good friends if you wanna do good

  11. I would love to play with you I gust got my oculus quest 2

  12. That's whats cool about vr, it's hard aim and shoot a real gun, it takes a lot of skill which isn't translated into normal fps games. VR shooters are a whole different thing

  13. Try shooting in real life with 100+lbs of gear and have ran 2 to 4 miles been up for a few days.
    Talk about shaky

  14. I love how fast you spring in to action when you realize you’re being flanked

  15. Don't most snipers actually bolt with their left hand? Unless they are left handed that is.

  16. Wait so no one talking about how the scopes are realistic and he is saying they aren’t

  17. Well, I was contemplating buying onward, thanks for selling me on it

  18. the fact that the walkie talkies sound like actual walkie talkies is for some reason fascinating

  19. 3:20 "That's 40k roubles!" and now it's sold by Jaeger for less then 10k :^) The poor pko-6 did not age well.

  20. Drewski in flat games: bravo 6 going dark. Drewski in vr : random bs go!!!!

  21. Spoiler – He actually never turned the laser on

  22. The game shows Pavlov VR in the description but it's onward like what???

  23. This was comical and painful to watch.

  24. Dont use a 12x in such a small map

  25. PS: no spotters. Bullets have almost no drop in this game.

  26. yes I agree it is very hard to use a sniper rifle in vr personally iv used sniper rifles a lot in vr like in Pavlov and onward etc. but sometimes I like the challenge of sniping people from a far distance for me its fun

  27. I know this is old but only just showed up. Were you using an inside out headset because that seems like a likely problem. If you want accurate tracking to be able to aim well as a sniper, you're going to need to consider a lighthouse based setup.

  28. You can't see with the scope because you are to close to it

  29. the game : Onward Youtube Description Game : Pavlov VR XD

  30. Just like a real rifle.when mounted Put controller up to your cheek and just aim with dominant hand. Wont be inaccurate at all

  31. Get a holographic 2x scope. Its amazing and when you want to stop sniping you can click the scope off and make it a holographic weapon. Using this on the m45 sniper is amazing

  32. Breath in, breath out.

    Breath in, breath half way out and hold your breath.


  33. 13:19 was a fricken movie scene😂 Gaming is a whole different experience in VR. You just can’t get that feeling in cod lol

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