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VR FPS Have Officially Peaked!

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VR FPS don’t get better than this!

Check out Gunman Contracts Chapter 1 here;

Check out Gunman Contracts Chapter 2 here;

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  1. VR would be great if it ever works.. I WILL PAY!!!

  2. Good stuff. I imagine an entirely different scenario with Onward’s aimbot-like AI 😂

    gets shot as soon as you enter the building

  3. What in game setting are you using for movement?

  4. Anyone know what in game movement settings he's using?

  5. Not sure if anyone else saw that bullet case file across the screen @6:26 but that is some next level detail not only did the casing launch out of the gun it ricocheted off of the door frame to fall into view like that

  6. can someone just make proper game this way

  7. 3:29 "Let me conveniently stick my head in front or your barrel m8"

  8. What’s funny is you need about 5grand to start gaming again, even a ps5 lol

  9. Will this work with Mac I don’t have a pc

  10. instead of blindly aiming at their direction your should align the 2 green dots on your rear sight to the front sight (also green) at their upper torso.

  11. Once this type of experience becomes mainstream and accessible to almost anyone, the next generations will be on a whole other level of desensitization. Not saying that's good or bad just making an observation.

  12. Wrong. Peaked means it’s reached its max potential and it’s just getting started.

  13. You'll know when it's peaked. When it peaks they'll have to federally regulate intensely realistic combat experiences to lower the risk of severe PTSD from playing it, lol.

  14. I am thankful to Maskoffweb for the hack transfers they did for me. They got me $10.000 in 2hours

  15. I am thankful to Maskoffweb for the hack transfers they did for me. They got me $10.000 in 2hours

  16. Just bought Alyx only for this mod. I've always loved mod creators that make the full use of the game mechanics and actually incorporate VR even more than just the base game

  17. vr game was so clean….compare to thousand of notification from pc game.

  18. So what would it cost to get into a VR setup like this? What gear and computer would I need?

  19. Just got the provolver.does half life alyx have haptic support?

  20. I cant get the protube vr to work with alyx anyone got suggestions?

  21. 0:54 i went from this just infiltrate the building to you gunning these people down because i skipped 10 seconds

  22. That just made my choice of buying the complete system. I’ve been waiting to buy the oculus because honestly most of the games I saw were really quite lame but with all the additional information you provided with the vest and hand gun I’ve also found that there is a long rifle available that I’m purchasing. Now it’s just a matter of choosing games so I’ve subscribed to your channel and will use you as my guide. Thanks a million!

  23. How do I get this downloaded. I can’t find it on oculus 2

  24. Is it just me, or does VR ( for PS4/5) have tons of FPS tactical shooters

  25. I like it how you gonna say the bad word but he doesn’t say it and replace it with something funny

  26. lol, no offense but you can def tell guns are illegal where you're from.

  27. I exercice with "Shooting Practice" (Applab). It helped a lot.

  28. That pistol attachment is 300 pound. 300!!!! Ridiculous. I don't care how good it is.

  29. Bro I am so sick of first person shooter games, it's a virtual reality headset they can't come up with something creative adventurous immersive, like that demo first contact.

    That's the funnest game on this stupid headset, and it's not even a full game. I want to be able to do things I don't do or can't do in real life like fly through space or become a superhero or something else that will tap into your childlike creativity and imagination.

    I feel like these first person shooter games are all copy and paste of each other and just the same games over and over and OVER I AM SICK OF THEM!!!!!!!!


    That's exactly why sold my vr headset

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