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Warhammer 40K FPS – Necromunda Gameplay and Impressions

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Warhammer 40k First Person Shooter! Taking a look at Necromunda: Hired Gun. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. Check out the game here – – sponsored by focus home interactive.


  1. I would love to play as a Warehammer 40K Total War but that would be much to complicated than the fantasy era like style. I am more into Warhammer Fantasy

  2. Gonna have to acquire this one for myself

  3. Что с голосом? Яички придавило?

  4. Hmm I might have to get it I completely forgot it actually got released a whole ago

  5. I'm still going to play because it's the 40K universe but I was hoping for it to be in the boots of a space marine. Need me some bolter fps action. I love seeing all the massive mechanical factory aesthetics though, really gives a sense of the scale of the 40k world.

  6. In the far flung future, the cockernee accent is still alive and kicking.

  7. Two worlds I'll never want to be in 40k and gears of war

  8. Just imagaine if the guys from Mass Effect was behind this game instead

  9. So this game should be called Doom: Warhammer edition? Edit: Realising I'm late with this comment. Whatever 😉

  10. Space marines are from Nottingham – Orcs are from Stepney – everyone knows that.

  11. All these games where youre basically a guardsman, but I want to be a space marine in first person. Space Hulk Deathwing was a decent first step but… We need a better version

  12. Anyone else annoyed that he didn't use grenades like at all.

  13. Love how the lore of warhammer 40k and dune are very similar.

  14. I'm thinking of picking this up as it's on sale for 24 quid. The warhammer figures and figurines I used to see when I was a kid at my local Megastore but could never afford them.

  15. I'm so fucking confused about what warhammer is. I've seen it's a board game with miniatures, but what are the video games? There seems to be zero correlation. How do you guys even know they're warhammer games, none of them have it in the title, and they're all wildly different. I'll just see a random game, and somebody will slap warhammer 40k onto it. WHAT IS WARHAMMER 40K?!?!

  16. warhammer was that game you busted out when you know you were gunna lose mid game of magic the gathering. lol. I brought backup! lol…

  17. the weapon in to your hand looks like a picture , like 2 D

  18. ahh mannn hahaha pls don’t tell me I was the only one who just found out about dark tide and was watching this thinking it was dark tide game play mannnn 💀💀

  19. This definitely War Hammer’s version of Doom lol super sick

  20. I bought this by mistake and hated it. It's a DOOM clone but done badly. The environments are big but it's still a corridor shooter. Plus 'eeyup lad. Watch out 'tor thoor.' or whatever.

  21. Eh this looks and feels lackluster but at least unlike Deathwing this has got some pretty banger BGM, I got to wonder did the devs actually pick out the most obnoxious British accents for the VA's just to incentivize players to go on killing sprees in a attempt to release their frustration?

  22. Quake / Wolfenstein? It’s quite fast paced, would like it slightly slower, less hip aim easy kills too. I know difficulty is low

  23. First thing i noticed was the marine makes no noise while moving

  24. When I look at this game all I think of is doom

  25. Is it arthur from peaky blinders that is the voice actor in the start telling you your mission?

  26. Such an underrated game, and you can definitely tell the devs are Warhammer fans.

  27. I may have to get this I love warhammer 40k

  28. I don’t understand… is this game really playing at 40,000 FPS? It seems impossible

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