What would y’all choose out of shooters and RPGs? 🤔 #shorts #gaming #rdcworld - playkindcity.com

What would y’all choose out of shooters and RPGs? 🤔 #shorts #gaming #rdcworld

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  1. When was the last time a shooter won game of the year? I'll wait

  2. It’s tough shooters are a lot more Entertaining playing cod with your mates is great. But rpgs are alot more chill and relaxed I’d personally say rpgs

  3. Idk about fornite being peak gaming when it first dropped I’d say cod modern warfare 2 era was peak gaming cause bro it made game ig popular revolutionized multiplayer farming and cod was so big back then that niggas was switching consoles just to play with they friends . Fortnite was big and yes it brought cross play but it wasn’t making you switch consoles if cross play wasn’t available. That’s all I’m saying .

  4. Also i believe fighting games and rpg blow up console games tbh

  5. I feel like people are disregarding shooters other than just the multiplayer ones. Resident Evil, Vanquish, Gears of War, Lost Planet, Earth Defense Force, Doom, Goldeneye, they all count as shooters. Also some people are just bringing up games that aren't rpgs to make a point. Gta is not an rpg, it's an open-world sandbox game, Crash, Spyro, Mario are not rpg's, they are platformers.

    I'd delete rpg's personally, but that's just me.

  6. Shooting games madebus distant cause of the toxic ass lobbys aint no way im choosin shooters over rpg shooter games DUD NIT BRING US TOGHTHER tbh it prolly was either mario party or god of war or really rwaidwnt evil

  7. Duck hunt was the best shooter in the world😅

  8. Gta story mode is more of a shooter, online is a grindy ass mmorpg

  9. rpgs are better shooters are more likely to be multiplayer so they are a lil biased tbh friends can carry anything

  10. I've never bought a shooter that didn't have an advance story that played like an RPG.. ex. Sniper. Don't care about a multiplayer that isn't a fighter or adventure to be honest. And there isn't a shooter out there that made me buy a system.

  11. Rpgs all day. Shooters I'd the same thing over and over

  12. RPG. What they forgot is the core of all those shooters were rpgs even Fortnite started out as a rpg in a sense.

  13. As of currently RPG but back when fortnite came out it wasn’t close

  14. Nothing will make me cough up Zelda, Mario, Paper Mario, etc. RPG for me 💯💯💯

  15. Shooting games got to go, they will never touch RPG

  16. y’all sleep on final fantasy best rpg of all time especially 7

  17. RPGs or shooters? But don’t u have to shoot the rpg 😮

  18. T'was an old username and I'll change it soon. says:

    The problem is "RPGs" is a way more broad description of games than "shooters" is. Because it is so broad, it encompasses a larger field of games. "RPGs" have an advantage due to that. But that makes this not a fair fight.

    My favorite "RPG" is Bloodborne. It's like a pretty normal game where you attack enemies with melee weapons. Does that make every game where I attack enemies with melee weapons RPGs?

    No. This is the problem.

    It makes little sense to use this categorization when you think about it. RPGs are supposed to have a story and a story focused on characters and it's supposed to have a lot of dialogue. That's the core of it.
    That says nothing about what the gameplay is. Due to that, that doesn't make this a sensible matchup.

  19. If there was no RPGs there would be no shooters tho. In 1980s and 1990s RPGs helped videogames be popular in general all together as a whole. Otherwise evolutions would not have happend technology in the gaming industry.

  20. I mean, Halo and Resident Evil series are great, and you can have CoD and Fortnite if that's what you like, but are you sure you want to trade that for RPGs going away forever?

    Don't forget, if you delete RPGs, you're losing classics like the Zelda series, Pokemon series, Parasite Eve, Castlevania series, Dragon Quest series, Xenogear series, Star Ocean series, Suikoden series, Deus Ex series, Diablo series, Arc the Lad series, Baldur's Gate series, Everquest series, Xenosaga series, X-Men Legends series, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Dragon Age series, KOTOR series, Warframe, and the Disgaea series.

    You're also losing historic and modern PS and X-Box stuff as well, like the Mass Effect series, Southpark series, Fallout series, Elder Scrolls series, Borderlands series, Dynasty Warriors series, Dying Light series, Fable series, Destiny series, Anthem, The Division series, Black Desert, Nier series, Genshin Impact, Monster Hunter series, all the Assassin's Creed games from Origins on, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Dragonball Z: Kakarot, Dragonball Xenoverse series, Horizon series, The Witcher series, Persona series, Kingdom Hearts series, the whole Final Fantasy series, Cyberpunk 2077, Hogwarts Legacy and all the Hogwarts movies games, Elden Ring and all the Souls games, and one of your sponsors Raid Shadow Legends and most good mobile games. Not to mention all of the games and spinoffs inspired by them.

    Nah, y'all can keep that weak ass Fortnite argument.

  21. RPG specifically bc of TLOZ & Dark Souls, shooters aren't that fun when you have to carry your friends

  22. The only shooter I'd keep is Armored Core. Every other shooter is the same

  23. Y’all know a game can be a RPG with guns? Imagine picking Halo, Battlefield, COD, Fortnite over all the damn legendary RPG, Mario, Zelda, Pokémon, God of War, GTA, Red Dead, elder scrolls, every souls game

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  25. RPGs all day. Nowhere else will you be able to play the same game 3 times and do things differently every time. Shooters are fun, I like them for what they are, but they just don't have the same depth as a good RPG.

    Take COD for example, play the campaign once and then think about if you would like to play it again. Answer would probably be "no" for most people, because there's not much more you can do other than just go through the story again. Multiplayer is a whole different ball game, I admit, that's what most people play COD for anyway.

    Now take a game like Project Zomboid for example. It has a steep learning curve, indeed, but once you get it down and you know what you're doing, your characters will survive longer, get stronger, get better loot etc. No two loot runs will ever be the same. You can go out one time and return with a shit tone of good ass loot with not even a scratch, and then literally the next loot run will have you facing down a zombie hoard you didn't anticipate, getting bit and dying, losing everything.

    I just find stuff like that more complelling and replayable.

  26. I love RDC but every opinion on this vid is stupid asf. They don’t even know what an RPG game is calling GTA a shooter. And thinking fortnite was peak gaming is the dumbest shit ever. I never liked fortnite but if it’s your cup of tea that’s fine, but saying it’s peak gaming just cuz it was playable on every console and you had some fun with your buddies or made a shit ton of money does not make it any where close to the peak of gaming. That hoe ain’t even on the mountain, that shits at the bottom of the mountain at a picnic table eating a mediocre lunch prepared by its bf just before he’s about to break up with it 🙄🙄

  27. GTA is a role playing game lol they literally have gta rpg

  28. Nah lol I ain't losing Final Fantasy, Zelda, Dragon Quest, Fire Emblem, TALES OF SYMPHONIA….

    Only thing making it hard for me is modern warfare 2 and goldeneye

    Fortnite was fun fore sure but got lame as time went on imo tbh but that's just me

  29. They are for sure not gamers , just dudes what like games.

  30. Cap asf cuz games was blowing up because of nerds who were playing rpgs

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